Changing the plot and character of Sylvanas Windrunner

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  1. Sylvanas is one of the most popular characters in the World of Warcraft universe, and also remains the Queen of the Forsaken and the leader of the Horde. Its significance in the plot is extremely important, and it is simply impossible to allow the Queen Banshee to become a protagonist.
  2. Raiders from Pandaria: Are you sure you want Orgrimmar's Siege for the second time, or just a repetition of the story, where the finall boss in one of the raids will be AGAIN The Horde Leader?
  3. No, I understand the Alliance soldier - revenge and simply merry, but the peoples of the Horde - you like nobody else already felt the internal weakening and strife of your faction in the times of Garrosh. So do not let this happen for the second time!
  4. And yet I will say to the Alliance: Yes, we now have a war (which most people wanted), during which both factions will have their own problems, advantages and disadvantages, due to which the plot of the addition will be more colorful. But if from Sylvanas continue to make an ardent protagonist, then everything will fade a little, the glow, spirit and emotions inherent in the war will subside, and we will again fight not even against a common enemy, but simply against the one who made all of them by their decisions (we can not again not mention the notorious Garrosh)
  5. FOR THE AZEROTH!FOR THE HORDE!FOR THE ALLIANCE!FOR THE MURLOCS!Be from anywhere, but make your choice: to see the terrible villain, as well as his beautiful death and the end of the story, OR create a great extraordinary character that will be with us for many years in Azeroth!CHOOSE THE FATE OF THE NEW ADD-ON!