Make the SCP foundation logo public again

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The SCP Foundation is a creative writing website about a fictional organization that captures anomalous creatures and objects. The community started in 2007 on 4chan and has since grown into a global community. The community has written tens of thousands of works and has inspired countless YouTube channels and independent video games.

Andrey Duksin, a Russian artist, has filed a trademark on the SCP Foundation’s logo so he can take the SCP Foundation away from the community that created it. He has used his trademark to threaten anyone that creates or publishes content related to the SCP Foundation in Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union.

Please sign this petition to the Russian High court and ask them to rescind this trademark and to protect both the SCP Foundation community and creative freedom in general.

Further details are found here:

Though this petition is no guarantee others won't try to do the same, it is a guarantee that the fandom behind the SCP Foundation won't stand for it.