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Change the way we upgrade walls in Clash of Clans

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As long as I can remember upgrading walls in Clash of Clans has always been a quite boring task to do, you have two options, either you upgrade block by block or you select a row and upgrade it. The problem is, a lot of the times the row you select is too big and you dont have the resources to upgrade them all or the corners on your base force you to select just a few at a time, wich leads to players building bases wich are pretty much a bunch of walls all stacked together and the other buildings in the corner of the base.

This is what I'm talking about.

The solutions I came up with are the following (If you have another solution please comment I would be more than pleased to know ) :

  • Having a "Upgrade Wall" menu wich shows you the walls you have on your base sorted by level, there you can pick how many walls from wich level you want to upgrade and you would have the total cost of the upgrade ( Kind of like the quick training setup menu).
  • Entering a mode similar to the "View Walls" mode in the village edit mode where you can only view your walls and you can highlight the ones you want to upgrade.

Also when you upgrade your Town Hall you get new walls to build, in my opinion you should be able to select the level of the walls when you buy them, by doing this it would save the players the hassle of upgrading them all the way from level 1.

To me these are simple quality of life changes that would make the user-experience much more hassle-free and enjoyable.
Please sign this petiton so Supercell can hear from us, and please let me know what you think of this idea.

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