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Jangan hapus jejaring sosial dari Multiply

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Don't terminate Multiply's social networking

After Multiply's eight years of social networking and as a place for blogging, photo sharing, and many others, today (August 7, 2012) the new CEO of Multiply Stefan Magdalinski, who have hold the post for merely 4 months, decided mercilessly to terminate the social networking features of Multiply. All content-sharing features in Multiply (photo-sharing, video-sharing, blogging, social-messaging, etc) will automatically be terminated as well!

*You can read his statement here: or in mobile version (faster)

Do you feeling sad, hurt, betrayed, and kicked out, don't you? Maybe that's what all of us thinking right now, wondering at how they could've decided to eliminate it just like that! The management of Multiply must, once again MUST REALIZE that Multiply can be what it is now because of our fellow users who have made good use of Multiply's social networking features!!

Without us, there's no way Multiply could be a huge community and expanded all the way from Florida to South East Asia (specifically Indonesia and the Phillippines). So, where's your respect?

Don't ever think that it would be that easy, Mr. Magdalinski!

it's not like Reversing palms Mr. Magdalinski!

We have no objection to the addition of online-seller features in Multiply, because as a matter of fact there is a synergy between those who only use the social networking features and the online-sellers. We, the users of the social networking features, are the potential market for the online sellers. Your decision is like building a big fully-furnished shopping mall in the middle of the jungle. Who'd you expect to be the buyers? The wild animals? This is also the main concern of Multiply's online sellers because Multiply is practically throwing their potential buyers out of the window.

Besides, this is OUR COUNTRY. How can Multiply simply ignore us when they are expecting to make money out of people who staying here? Why the unwise attitude instead of positive feedback to us?

All we can simply see this as another form of colonialism, you know. We feel like being oppressed in OUR OWN COUNTRY, being squeezed dry, in the name of BUSINESS!

Here we are, all users of Multiply, bloggers and sellers  or even non Multiply Users, are united. We all demand you to revoke your decision of terminating Multiply's social networking, blogging, and content-sharing features. We refuse to let any outsider interference to divide us, the Multiply bloggers and The Multiply Online sellers.

We are inviting all Multiply users, bloggers and sellers to stand United, to keep defying the decision of this newly appointed CEO. Your supports may be able to alter the present condition. We decide our own destiny. Let's support any movement for this cause, whatever form and shape it takes. Support every single one of them properly, even if it means boycotting Multiply, making  petition, or even purchasing Multiply itself.

Any effort is never waste

We are encouraging you all to spread the words about this petition.


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