Boycott "Color the Spectrum" Eugenics Fundraiser Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and Mark Rober

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Autistic People Have the Right to Exist. We are calling on the celebrities involved in the ableist fundraiser "Color the Spectrum" to boycott the event unless Autistic people are included and the fundraiser is changed to an organization the supports Autistic lives.

Click here to watch Jordan Spectrum's new YouTube video breaking down the controversy surrounding "Color the Spectrum" and why so many Autistic people are speaking out against this fundraiser.

On April 16th, 2021 Mark Rober posted a video about his Autistic son to announce an upcoming virtual charity event with Jimmy Kimmel and whole host of other celebrities including Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Mark Hamill, John Oliver, Maya Rudolph, Jon Stewart and more to raise money for a controversial Autistic hate group that brands its self as a charity called "Next for Autism".

We are calling out Ableism

While ableist language was used (inferring that disabled people will never be successful) is is obvious that Rober cares about his son deeply. That is why the Autistic community has been so appalled at not only the "charity" Rober is choosing to direct over $1 million dollars to has been proven to be harmful, but Rober is refusing to include autistic voices, is actively silencing Autistic voices (deleting comments) and has used unauthorized footage of disabled minor children in his video.

Nothing About Us, Without Us

There is a saying within the Actually Autistic community and that is "Nothing About Us, Without Us". It is self explanatory, but in situations like these when Neurotypical voices like Mark Rober are speaking over actually Autistic voices and actively silencing us as well, it requires a refresher. 

Autistic children grow up to become Autistic adults. Don't you think that makes us the best people to really vocalize what helps and harms us? What we could us more or less of? Or how things could be adjusted for us? Exactly. No matter how many years of education or experience you have working with Autistic people, if you are not Autistic, you will never be more knowledgeable about Autism than people with the lived experience. Just because you are the parent of an Autistic child, does not suddenly make you apart of the Autistic community; just like if you were the parent of an LGBTQ child, you would not suddenly become part of the LGBTQ community, there is no difference here.

If you can't include actually Autistic voices in this fundraiser, then you have no business talking about us.

ABA is Extremely Harmful

The hate group that labels its self as a charity, "Next for Autism", actively supports Applied Behavioral Analysis or ABA which is extremely harmful to Autistic people. In a recent study, 99% of adults who went through ABA as a child reported having traumatic and horrific experiences through the process that still negatively affect them as adults. 

Why is ABA so harmful? Well it was created by the same man who invented "Gay Conversion Therapy". The intention of ABA is to try to make an Autistic child seem more "Neurotypical" or non-autistic, similar to how gay conversion therapy makes LGBTQ people seem more straight or non-LGBTQ. Up until a few years ago, therapists were allowed to use whip paddles and electric shocks against Autistic children in ABA therapy if they acted Autistic or did pretend to be Neurotypical. This is child abuse. Instead of society accepting and including Autistic people for who they are, organization such as Next for Autism actively advocate for the assault and battery against children since they have been unable to achieve their eugenics goal of "finding a cure" for Neurodiversity. ABA is a one-size-fits-all solution that fails to adequately address the needs of the child themselves and instead seeks to make every Autistic child seem more "Neurotypical". ABA involves over 40+ of intensive therapy on top of 40 hours of schooling.

Click here to watch Jordan Spectrum's new YouTube video breaking down the controversy surrounding "Color the Spectrum" and why so many Autistic people are speaking out against this fundraiser.