SSG: We would like Drachyn to return as a world builder for LOTRO

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Diogo Pires
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The intent of the petition is not to force anyone to hire anyone, but to express the wishes of players that want this to happen and promote the work of a previous developer. We have this right as players and consumers to let our voices be heard.

We hope that by getting enough signatures, we show her that there are players who truly value her work and want her back and that it shows SSG what an amazing world builder she was and that it would greatly benefit LOTRO to have her join the world building team.

We expect SSG, Drachyn to be professionals and we, as players, are grown adults who will respect whatever final decision SSG and Drachyn make. This is nothing but a business decision. If she is with another company, then we'd like SSG to compete for her, because that is what this market is about.

We assume that her choice to leave was a business decision. We think she might not have been happy as a QA assistant, because we know how passionate she was about world building. You can see it for yourself if you read the full petition and go see the areas she has built in the game.

We don't think a petition promoting someone's work and expressing players' wishes to have a specific developer come back is going to hurt someone's feeling, because we're not attacking anyone in doing so.

We reemphasize: we're not making any demands. We are just letting our wishes be known. We appreciate all criticism, however we'll not bow down to players who want nothing but attack us with insults, shame us into submission and treat us like kids crying and demanding for something to happen when that is simply not true.

If you see it that way and tell us we're the ones being childish, maybe you should look at yourself in the mirror, because you might be projecting.

I am starting this petition because this is about someone who has done an amazing work as a world builder on LOTRO, in the past. She has designed places like The Wold, Forlaw/Whitshaws and the Eastfold. If you play Lord of the Rings Online and go to these areas, you can see her unique signature, which is her attention to detail.

All of her areas are filled with easter eggs everywhere (the squirrel house, children cave with snowman, goldilocks' home and several others). Most of the buildings in the cities she builds have interiors ( Like Harwick, Forlaw, and they all look beautiful), which is something most world builders do not bother with.

Another thing that is clear in her work is how much she doesn't rely on automation when she's building the nature environment. I've seen many areas where it's very clear that we have objects calling for other objects and frills, evenly spaced objects and it makes them look like they were computer-generated and simply rushed through and given little attention (I can cite the Eriador revamp as an example).

Many world builders are very practical and design areas with no room to explore outside of the beaten path, since every area has a purpose for the content, unlike her areas which have many hidden easter eggs out of the way.

The only thing that may not work in her favor is that she hasn't been given the opportunity to work in other areas after Rohan and since then, we've seen bigger cities like Dol Amroth, Minas Tirith and all of those big fortresses in Mordor which are so different from everything we had been seeing until that point when she left, but I am confident she would have done an incredible job in these areas too if she had had the opportunity.

I genuinely believe she is the best world builder that has ever worked on LOTRO. She doesn't have as much knowledge as people like Chris Pierson, who's also a world builder which I admire as well and has a great ability to design big cities like Dol Amroth and Minas Tirith, but what makes Drachyn so special is how much love she puts into her work, how she is able to make an area look truly alive and real.

Drachyn was hired back to LOTRO in 2017, but not as a world builder. Instead, she was part of the QA team. That was a huge bummer imo and waste of talent, in my opinion. I don't know the reasons she left the team later in 2018, but I think LOTRO would greatly benefit from having her be a part of the world building team as one of the top world builders! She deserves to be recognized for her great talent!

For all the players, I suggest you all go to the areas that she has designed and pay close attention to the things I've said and see if you agree! And let's share screenshots of our favorite places that she's designed!

We would like to see her back because we DO believe she is UNIQUE and there is no one that can replace her. But we'll accept whatever decision she (and SSG) make after seeing this petition as it gets more signatures.

There is not a single sentence here that threatens SSG or anyone involved in case we don't get what we want. We will still play LOTRO as long as it remains providing us with good experiences. But as players, we can share our opinion on what we think can improve our experiences.

If you're one of those "Don't like the game? Leave it!" kind of people, then don't sign it. It is as simple as that. We don't like the game, we love it, that's why we care to fight to make it even better. If you do not understand this simple logic, then there's nothing more that I can say to you.