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PlayStation Vita needs more big console quality games!

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Dear Sony, hear us - the gamers! We're loving the PlayStation Vita. We're loving the hardware. We're loving the support of indies, BUT you promised giving us a powerful portable device with lots of exclusive big console quality games. Where are those games? Killzone Mercenary - that's it?

We demand:
# many new innovative console quality games for the Vita (no ports, no remakes, but native resolution)
# games which address many people, sequels of PSP games: big titles like GTA, Tomb Raider, God Of War, Ace Combat, Gran Turismo, Tony Hawk, [a real] Call Of Duty and so on...
# higher price reduction of the memory cards
# better support in PSN (retail games are cheaper than the digital version)

Sony, you had nearly 2 years to promote the PS Vita and announce big titles. But you did not. The one and only problem of the handheld are the games. Which games? Right, no games. We know that PlayStation Vita will sell like no handheld before if you just give it the support it deserves!

We like the PS4, but do not forget about the PS Vita!

Sign if you are of the same opinion and want better support for PlayStation Vita,
thanks! Furthermore, please share this petition with all your gaming friends!

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