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Jan 14, 2014 — Dear Hilary and petition signatories,

First of all, let us thank you for your letter. We appreciate your concern and read your message with care. Too often our society encourages us to be silent when controversy arrives. Discussing difficult issues is considered distasteful. "Protest" has become another stigmatized word in our common dictionary. Please know you have our respect for your desire to speak out.

With that in mind, we ask for your understanding that we too are standing up to speak up on an issue that is controversial, though we do not share the same opinion. This is the beauty of freedom of speech. Part of the social contract we're all engaged in means that to have freedom of speech, we must accept that we will hear and see things we don't agree with or may not like. That is part of being in a society that values the importance of debate and discussion in developing our national ethical standard. To say we don't value freedom of speech means that we don't value the corner stone of our democracy.

As for the content of our signs, they are inspired by our deep love and respect for women. They are our sisters, mothers, aunts, daughters, nieces and friends. We love them so much we feel compelled to speak out about the value of human life even though we know our opinion may be unpopular. Our intention is to have our signs provoke thought, and for our website to give valuable information about local resources. We care not just about life in the womb, but also about the life of these women and their children for the long term. As you can see if you peruse our website, there are links to resources that will help immediately in the case of unexpected pregnancy and follow beyond that as needed. We also include links to organizations such as Project Rachel, which serves post-abortive women who are struggling emotionally and And Then There Were None, a group that aims to help staff who wish to leave the abortion industry and find other gainful employment. None of these services seek to judge, but only to help.

Our message is simple. Each life is completely unique and unrepeatable from conception. Everything from the gender, to the eye colour, to the shape of a child's nose is decided in that incredible moment when life begins. The question then is, when do we begin to value life? Do we value it in its beautiful uniqueness from the very beginning? Or when the heart beats? Or when it "looks" human? Or perhaps not at all. Perhaps only if we choose to accept that life. This is not a moral question, but an ethical one. This is not about judging women. This is about asking people to consider how we designate dignity and worth to human beings. These questions transcend gender, although in the end the final choice remains with each woman who becomes pregnant. If any of these women who view our ads are moved by the dignity of the life growing in them, so entirely dependent on them, we hope they will be unafraid to reach out for any help they will need.

We will not be removing our ads from the Metro Transit fleet or any other future venues from which we purchase ad space. We thank you for your passion and hope that we have helped you understand a little better our perspective and goals. We are not here to judge, but simply to inform, inspire and support.

All the best to each of you and we thank you for the opportunity to share our purpose and goals with you.

Signs for Life Team