Warner Brothers, Netflix, or Amazon Prime, Please make a Chuck Movie!

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We, the undersigned, fans of the TV Show Chuck, spurred on by a recent interview done by Zachary Levi http://comicbook.com/movies/2017/12/04/zachary-levi-chuck-movies/ Want Chuck revived in 2 hour movies on Netflix! And now that Amazon Prime has picked up Chuck to do the movies there.

Chuck was a very unique series, Not only was the Acting, Writing, Directing etc. Outstanding. Not only did it blend more genres then any other show, and equally well. But there was, and continues to be, a unique Loyalty among fans, that has continued to grow, in the over 5 years, since it was Cancelled. Thanks to social media, Netflix, and now Amazon Prime, Chuck's fan base all over the world has grown & continues to do so!


It would work well on Netflix  where the old episodes were creating new fans everyday and would be a great new addition to the growing number of original movies and shows on the site, plus it would give it a broad based PG audience show. Most Original shows on Netflix are either Mature for Adults or for little kids, so Chuck would give it a broad based audience.

It would Work well on Amazon  Prime where The Chuck show has it's new home and get Amazon Prime a lot of new subscribers!


Chucksters fought successfully to keep Chuck on the air and will do so again!

Thank you!