Cancel generation of previews from EPS on Shutterstock

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On April 15th Shutterstock will limit minimal EPS size to 4 MP. On 17th April Shutterstock will stop accepting user-generated JPG previews. It will make contributor's work much harder with no clear reason.

We want to have opportunity to upload our JPG previews along with EPS because

1) It's a best way to transfer metadata today. Most of us work with many agencies and metadata in JPG is an industry standard, so we will do it in any case. Writing metadata in EPS is redundant, impossible with EPS8 and Shutterstock did not provide this opportunity. Writing metadata in CSV is redundant, uncomfortable and Shutterstock do not have this function for vectors. Copy and paste metadata to the website will make our work much harder, will look ridiculous and shameful in 2019, but this is what really offers Shutterstock now.

2) In this case we can provide and control the quality and conformity of images. All microstock agencies, who generate previews from EPS, have quality problems. With no exceptions.

We don't need a minimum megapixel limit for EPS

1) EPS with minimum 4 MP size will be bigger, harder to upload and download for clients. It is important for people around the world, where the Internet is not so fast, as in big cities. Also, big files is harder to store.

2) Some high-quality EPS files can be over 1GB with 4 MP. Shutterstock will never rise a file size limit so much. And nobody will like this file, not a client, not a contributor. While saving it with 100x100 pixels might compress it to 15 Mb and make fully usable.

3)We will have extra work, resizing EPS for Shutterstock only, because to fit industry standards we will have to create files as usual first.

4) Everybody will just use more HDD space - Shutterstock, contributors and clients. While there is no reason for it - EPS can be stretched any time for any size without quality loss.