Save Midnight Texas Season 3

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The current rating system doesn´t reflect the real popularity of the show, once it is focused in the american audiance only. It does not reflect the viewing figures for international audiences and the lack of promotion did not help either. 

Let’s make our instrumental Midnighters voices heard, again, Midnight Texas cast, crew, producers, showrunners, writers & directors dedicated 2 years of their lives to give us the Best Supernatural TV Series that aired on NBC. So many witty, funny moments, others romantic, breathtaking, jaw dropping, nail biting, spine-chilling ones too. Its essence is very contemporary: accepting a group of strangers with different characteristics and backgrounds become a real family, Midnight Texas Family. We ask your help to make MIDNIGHT TEXAS SEASON 3 A REALITY...for that we must gather as much signatures as possible to present them to : SYFY, NETFLIX, HULU, HBO, THECW, AMAZON and others.

Please join us, sign the petition, share it with other Midnighters, your family, friends and social media. Let´s fight for our favourite town, where only Outsiders fit in.

Midnight Texas Season 3