SAVE beautiful bamboo forest in SAGANO

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Arashiyama and Sagano in Kyoto are areas where many beautiful scenery visited by many tourists from all over the world has been preserved.
Among them, "Bamboo forest in Sagano" As a beautiful sight that encompasses the Tenryuji Temple, a world heritage site, it has been widely spread around the world by Instagram and Facebook and attracts visitors.

The surroundings are designated as windy district, historical climate preservation area, special landscape area, etc. Urbanization and development activities are severely regulated by so many laws as to allow administrative permission to cut tree branches, It is the scenery because it has been protected by residents.

One day, suddenly, a corner of the bamboo forest began to be harvested.
Without informing the local residents, the plan was to destroy 9000 square meters of bamboo forest, which is 70% of the Tokyo Dome ground, and to build a "luxury nursing home" for the wealthy.

After the bamboo forest destruction was done, it seems that a briefing session was held for only a small number of local residents, saying, "We will start construction with 10 ton dumps in and out from the day after tomorrow."

"I do not need to let you know because it is private business to everyone of the residents, but we will safely to announcements such as construction plan in the fact that I'll do be careful."

"We have consulted in advance with the administrative people and cleared all of them legally."

Although it seems that it was a gathering like a one-sided announcement, the small bamboo grove facing the "luxury nursing home" is not only a traveler of the world walking but also a narrow street of 3 meters wide which is also a school road for children .

The mothers were angry and pursued with worry. "Are you really getting permission from the administration?"
Then, in fact it was discovered that there was no construction confirmation.

Regarding a number of laws that protect the environment, we also found that what he said at the beginning was a lie, "I get preliminary guidance, so I can expect permission from them all."

It is a World Heritage Site recognized by the World Heritage Convention, both historical and cultural as an international tourist city, Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City, which are proud of the world and are trying to welcome more tourists from the world, On the other hand, does it allow the destruction of 'Sagano's bamboo forest' that can be said to be the treasure of the world by serving the interests of one private company rather than the public interest?

Are they also going against the government's plan of "40 million foreigners visiting Japan"?

We hope to protect the bamboo forest of that beautiful Sagano including the Tenryu Temple of world heritage as it is.

We hope the birds sing in the morning and evening, the silence of the bamboo grove that refreshing sounds that leaves touch by touching will continue.

We hope you will not disappoint people who come from the world.

Only your voice can stop this violence.

Please sign it.

Before further destruction progresses and it can not be repaired ...