H4 Dreamers: Give a chance to children on H4 visa

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Due to the backlog in the employment based (EB) green card process of many applicants from India and China, those who are on H1B or L1 visa find their children on H4 visa age out after they turn 21. As such they can no longer stay in the United States on an H4 visa or even get a permanent residence through their parents. This causes a lot of issues within the family.

Those children are actually known as the "H4 Dreamers" - they grew up in the United States yet, they might never get a chance to make it because they have turned 21. It is fundamentally unfair to have them suffer while their parents have always been legal in the United States.

As such are calling on the government to actually

1. Extend the H4 visa time for H1B dependents children beyond 21

2. To all them to benefit from the application of adjustment of status through their parents under the Child Status Protection Act.

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