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Revive death penalty and life sentences with no parole in CT

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My Son, Joshua Cortez, was murdered on May 16, 2016 along with his long time girlfriend and child's mother, Alysha Ocasio. It was cold , calculated And executed , by Joseph Silva , with an audience of 4 people in his vehicle watching it all unfold on a residential street ! They were shot to death .  This was not a drug issue, this was not gang related., neither was it a lovers quarrel as reported by the news . This was all due to the fact that Silva did not like the fact that joshua and alysha remained friends with Silvas ex girlfriend .and Silva had moved on to another relationship. Not a reason to take authority over someone's life !

Silva is currently awaiting a trial , he was offered 55 years, he rejected . Thought it was too long. The offer was then taken off the table and changed to 58. He thought it was too long as well. He wants a trial !

The others that witnessed it get to walk because there is no ACCESSORY TO MURDER charges In CT as well!

Why, were we as victims, given less options than the murderer who Admitted guilt? Why were we forced to offer him a deal ? 

The problem in CT, especially Hartford Ct, where this occurred is NOT the easy access to guns, it's not the GUNS itself's the leniency of the time given. We give more time for non violent drug offenses than we do to murder ! Everyone in the street knows this. Killing is easy , doing the bid is short and they're willing to take that chance .



This will decrease violence !! Guns will always be around . That is not the problem 

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