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Revival of Ecco Dolphin franchise.

Dear sirs
It's well known, that at all times Sonic the hedgehog and Ecco the dolphin were the main mascots of SEGA. Both franchises are bestsellers in genre of action-adventure games up to present day, besides The universe of "Ecco the dolphin" remains nearly unique game because of non-standart character and story approach along with difficult but not less attractive gameplay, that allowed to gain hearts of many gamers at the beginning of 90's.
Today SEGA has got many troubles at the game industry, that's why Sonic the hedgehog remained the only mascot of this corporation But even today, after about 20 years there are million of Ecco the dolphin admirers, who believe, that his universe was abandoned unfairly. That's why we, the members of this petition and Ecco the dolphin series fans are calling for SEGA corporation to recall this unique franchise and allow the game designer and father of Ecco the dolphin series, Appaloosa interactive director Ed Annunziata continue developing of the new games in this unforgettable universe. We are sure, that the new games in "Ecco the dolphin" series will introduce the variety to the modern video game industry, thus allowing SEGA corporation and Ed Annunziata to conquer the love of million
of fans around the world and undoubtly million of gamers who had never heard about Ecco the dolphin series.

We are looking forward to the further understanding and steps in this direction. We highly appreciate your attention to our wish

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