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Rasseliebhaber bitten Sie, sich für die Rasse Azawakh einzusetzen und eine an die FCI gerichtete Rasse-standardänderung, die eine weitere Einengung des Genpools nach sich ziehen würde, zu verhindern.

This petition is to stop any more restrictive changes to the FCI Azawakh breed standard. Additional restrictions in the proposed standard may lead to further constraints in the already limited gene pool of the breed. For this reason the Azawakh needs the support of dog lovers worldwide. Please sign this petition to help the wonderful Azawakh.

english version of the petition:

Dear Professor Friedrich, on behalf of the Azawakh breed, we ask for your support by objecting to any proposed restrictive changes that SLAG has made, that may affect the FCI Azawakh breed standard. Any restrictive changes will only further constrain the Azawakh's already limited gene pool.
The proposed changes have been submitted by SLAG through SCC to the FCI Standard Committee, and if approved, the new standard will then be sent to FCI for implementation. We are very grateful for your assistance in preventing this.

version francais de la pétition:

Monsieur le Prof. Friedrich, nous vous demandons, pour la race Azawakh, d'intercéder auprès de la FCI, afin d'empêcher le changement du standard de race établi par le SLAG et déposé par l'intermédiaire de la SCC à la FCI, qui tendrait vers un rétrécissement supplémentaire du potentiel génétique.

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  • Präsident
    Prof. Dr. Peter Friedrich Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (VDH)

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