Justice for Nedumpara - A Victim of Contempt of Court

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Let the whole NATION know the truth behind the most unfortunate Contempt Proceedings in the history of judiciary initiated against an eminent lawyer fighting for

(1) Transparency and Reformations in the judicial system;

(2) The man who incessantly fights for the poor slum dwellers;

(3) Defending the borrowers from the draconian SARFAESI measures so that they pay back the public money with ease without losing their properties and dear homes which are otherwise susceptible to the greed of corrupt officers of the bank;

(4) fighting for the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of millions of INDIANS which are guranteed in the very preamble of our constitution.

Shri. Nedumpara is the one who initiated for video recordings of all the court proceedings to ensure transparency

If it were allowed by the Hon'ble Courts, the present situations would not have happened at all. As per information available and gathered, Mr. Nedumpara never did any act which could cause any insult or disrespect to their Lordships. During the arguments many advocates take and quote the names of people they think important for the purpose of convincing the court.
Do such quotations amount to any contempt? The apology of a gentle man is a clear gesture of his professionalism and etiquette but not an evidence of admission of guilt of any allegations against him.

If this Hon'ble Court has decided to punish an innocent lawyer Adv. Mathew Nedumpara for no mistake, punish me also for these truthful comments. Before concluding, let me remind our Courts that the promptness adopted in Adv. Nedumpara' s case to settle an issue of law be applicable to the lakhs of cases that are pending for decades.
Do such quotations amount to any contempt ?

Did Sri Nedumpara did any wrong in referring to Fali Nariman to buttress his plea that - In designating lawyers as Senior Advocates ,the sole criteria should be Seniority of the advocate ,from the date of Enrollment .

#Justice for Nedumpara

Narrative of the entire matter