To initiate a check against the and portals


To initiate a check against the and portals

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Анатолий Юницкий создал(а) эту петицию, адресованную President of the Republic of Belarus

To initiate a check in regard of the and portals in order to find out who is behind the ordered biased articles defaming the SkyWay’s innovative string transport and its General Designer Anatoliy Yunitskiy

The string transport or SkyWay is the innovative transport technology, developed by the Belorussian engineer Anatoliy Yunitskiy. The engineering company CJSC "String Technologies", based in Minsk, is engaged in the implementation of the project on the string transport systems project creation.

From the moment of the company's creation, its activities have been under attack from the local media portals and, which, starting since 2015, have released a number of negative publications, in which they unreasonably accuse the company and the author of the technology Anatoliy Yunitskiy of creating fraudulent schemes which is essentially a lie and slander.

Such materials not only cause reputational damage to the SkyWay project and Anatoliy Yunitskiy personally, but also impede the development of innovative and promising technologies in the Republic of Belarus.

We ask the Belorussian authorities to initiate a check in regards of the and information portals in order to find out  the orderer of the fake “news” about the SkyWay string transport and to subsequently bring those responsible to justice in accordance with current legislation.

Below is the text of the Open Letter from Engineer Yunitskiy, dated 23  May, 2019, addressed to the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko:


Dear Alexander Grigoryevich!  

I have to contact you through the Open Letter because of the paradoxical situation in which potentially the most science-intensive, export-oriented and most profitable industry is now in the country headed by you. Unfortunately, there are no other ways to be heard, because I have a firm understanding that the information reaches you in a distorted form or does not reach you at all, since all my appeals to the appropriate authorities have not brought any result. I made the final decision to write this message after your words at the recent meeting of the Security Council of Belarus about increasing destructive influences on society, manipulating the mass consciousness, spreading false information: “It is from them that social upheavals of modern times begin. As a result, millions of people suffer, the political map of the world is changing. The generally accepted norms of morality and ethics are being relegated to the background. The vital activity of any state is becoming increasingly vulnerable to computer incidents.”

My name is Anatoliy Yunitskiy. I am the founder of the international SkyWay Group of Companies, an engineer, author and General Designer of the breakthrough string technology. The innovation is embodied on 36 hectares in the SkyWay transport and infrastructure complexes at the EcoTechnoPark, located near the town of Maryina Gorka, on a former tank range, smelling of gunpowder and soaked in diesel fuel, where only weeds grew three years ago, and now, there are gardens with more than ten thousand trees.

The solutions, incorporated into the basis of the string systems, have a global transformative potential, aimed at forming the foundation for a safe and harmonious development of civilization for the long term. We are ahead of the world by at least 10 years; specialists from all over the world come to us, and from Japan, they come for the engineering inspiration.

We have already built five rail-string transport tracks of various types with a total length of about 4 km. 11 fundamentally different models of rail electric vehicles have been designed and manufactured - the most complex vehicles that have no world analogues, and four of which have already been certified. We have created a prototype of the world's largest cargo drone, designed and set up the production of a whole range of electric motor wheels for the SkyWay technology needs, developed intelligent security systems and rolling stock control, as well as the perimeter security.

Whatever we do is filled with humanism. About 130 000 000 people in the world are wheelchair users, for whom the possibility of getting jobs depends on mobility. Especially for them, on our own initiative and for our money, we have created a unique social electric vehicle, with which they can become, for example, taxi drivers or pizza distributors. This is the first car in the world where a driver, sitting on an electric wheelchair, developed by us, can get into a car, and, and staying on that wheelchair, drive a car. We showed this development with great success at a specialized exhibition in Moscow in September 2018, which attracted maximum attention not only to it, but also to the problem of mobility of people with disabilities.

Our Belorussian company has designed and manufactured a six-seat high-speed (up to 500 km/h) family-type rail electric vehicle, the triumphal premiere of which was held in Berlin at the largest international transport exhibition InnoTrans 2018.

Formed by foreign investment and registered authorized capital of CJSC "String Technologies" of our engineering company, is about 50,000,000 US dollars - it is about the same amount as a giant like the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant has. Being one of the largest taxpayers in the Pukhovichskiy district, our company is its budget-forming enterprise.

In the Republic of Belarus, we have created the high-tech production, equipped with the most modern equipment, and we continue to expand these facilities, the area of which will soon exceed 10,000 square metres. Over 800 highly skilled jobs were created in the republic to implement the complex of works on creating the first samples of the SkyWay string transport systems and bringing the technology to the world market, and for this, we did not ask Belarus for a single penny of budget funds: our activities are funded according to the modern crowdinvesting model - people's funding. We are supported by about 500,000 investors from more than 200 countries. More than 10,000 of them in total, have already met three times at the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark near Maryina Gorka to take part in the EcoFest - one of the biggest events in the republic in the field of innovation and high technology.

Despite all this, the yellow press of the country, including the most popular Internet resources Tut.bay and Onliner, without any justification, announced to us the information war, which has been going on for about four years (see the attachment). This causes serious damage not only to our organization, but to the whole of Belarus. There are quite eloquent comments under these negative articles,  filled with hatred to all what is Belorussian, as well as to me personally: “Why hasn’t this drunkard with a blue muzzle been jailed yet and  driven out of the country? Where are the KGB and the President? Why are law enforcement agencies are inactive? ” We have been suing these media for years and, despite the fact that the law of our country criminalizes such acts, the Belorussian courts take their side: according to the judge, the journalists do not offend anyone and have the right to their own point of view, even if it failes to correspond with reality.

Such publications cannot be left disregarded because, as a result:

1) Amazingly, the laymen-authors of the articles form a negative opinion about the technology and the development team even in some “professionals”, which even the former Transport Minister of our country confessed in an interview with me.

2) One of the leaders of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus,  who acquainted himself with the technology at the international exhibition and left an enthusiastic review in the Book of Distinguished Visitors, called me and asked me to snatch that page after one of such negative articles. Subsequently, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has rejected our application for the status of "Scientific Organization" twice, although we have more science than some of the research institutes that are part of the Academy; this year, there has been published in Russian and English languages the scientific monograph "String Transport Systems: On the Earth and in Space".

3) We were forced to leave the Mogilev FEZ after the very first negative publication with the catchy headline “ Mogilev FEZ has welcomed and registered a resident which was driven from Lithuania”. The reaction of local authorities to this publication was very harsh and predictable.

4) In two years, we have not been able to get a strip of land for a 21-km high-speed test track, although we collected all 16 necessary approvals. The reasons for the refusal were not serious, something like this: “Your arguments that Belarus needs SkyWay are not convincing: in the swamp where the route will pass, many valuable species of trees will be cut down, and we feel pity for the birds: lots and lots of them will die because of the high-speed unibus.”

5) Many Belorussian specialists are afraid of applying for work in the company, as they consider us fraudsters and swindlers, who will soon be “closed”, and Yunitskiy will be jailed - again referring to and Onliner. Therefore, now we have to recruit Russian-speaking foreign experts from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Moldova.

And this is far from being a full list of our problems in Belarus, deliberately created by the Belorussian yellow press.

It is common knowledge that if the mountain won't come to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain, and I started looking for an opportunity to build the high-speed test complex in other countries. As a result, I received the support of the Government of the United Arab Emirates, which has already confirmed the words with the deeds: we have been allocated the land with a total area of more than 200 hectares for two SkyWay technology sites: one 2.5-km section for urban and cargo complexes, including for the transportation of sea containers weighing up to 35 tons, where we plan to get a speed of 150 km/h; the second 25-km section, where we plan to get a speed of up to 600 km/h, with a subsequent increase of the section length up to 60 km, where we will build the Hyper-U fore- vacuum tube and get a speed of 1250 km/h.

The land in the UAE is allocated to us practically free of charge, although its market value is more than 1,000,000,000 US dollars. Such an investment is worth a lot: it means that our partner is the government of this most innovative country in the world, which wants to become a world centre for the development and promotion of our breakthrough transport and infrastructure technology, created by Belorussians; this government wants the "String Valley" to be built in their country - an analogue of "Silicon Valley" in the United States. There will be tested here not only all string transport technologies, but also the infrastructure solutions accompanying them: linear cities, new "green" energy, relict fertile soil, vacuum glass and much more, on which work is being done in our company. Besides, we are additionally creating a fundamentally new technological platform based on the blockchain. This work is being carried out jointly with the partners from the UAE, as here the blockchain is supported and developed at the state level, including its use in transport.

We are also currently working on a program for bringing the environmentally dangerous part of the Earth’s industry into space using astro-engineering technologies that I proposed about 40 years ago. As a member of the USSR Cosmonautics Federation, back in 1988, I organized in my homeland, in the city of Gomel, the first in the world international scientific and practical conference on the problems of the non-rocket industrialization of space; this year I plan to hold the second international conference on this topic in Belarus.

It would seem that the SkyWay project is doing well — at least abroad — but I, as a Belorussian, am insulted, and my heart aches for my country, the young part of the population of which is clearly being duped by something very similar to neuro-linguistic programming — a trend in practical psychology, developed at the California university. This is a set of not necessarily provable statements, on the basis of which people perform subsequent actions. The most important effect here is in the uncritical perception of the main postulate by the interlocutor. The critical attention of a person is drawn to the main element of the appeal, while the rest remains beyond the limits of critical perception.

For example, a slanderous statement about me from the publication in “Onliner”: “And for some reason, there is a persistent feeling that the Belorussian inventor will continue to work according to the “ I build — take away — run away — build again” scheme as long as it brings some money":  this statement draws attention to the alleged dishonesty and incompetence of the inventor, and the main message itself - that this, as they say, is peculiar to all Belorussians - remains outside the framework of critical perception. There is an obvious danger of such brainwashing and anti-Belorussian zombing of the fragile minds of the youth, which make up the majority of readers of such opuses; and it is easy to understand what its subsequent actions may be: one can just read the comments under the mentioned publications, full of spitting upon all that is domestic and showing disbelief that something worthy can be created in Belarus.

I do want the EcoTechnoPark in Maryina Gorka to continue to develop and improve further, despite the fact that I have adjusted the vector for the future development of SkyWay due to the aforementioned circumstances. I intend to continue to provide high-paying work and experience in creating innovative technology to Belorussian technical specialists. I am doing everything in my power to ensure that Belarus is not left on the shameful 86th place in the global innovation index next to the Dominican Republic. I dream of my Motherland going down in history as the country that created the transport of the future with all the dividends due in this case.

But what have the negative publications of those toxic media, seeing only dirt and swamp around themselves, given to Belarus, except for redirecting a substantial part of the flow of foreign investment abroad? Our country has already lost tens of millions of dollars in foreign investment because of that. And in the future, will lose billions. Who benefits from that, who is behind all that? And why don't the perpetrators of what is happening bear any responsibility? The purpose of this appeal is to search for an orderer of the above-mentioned fake “news”, causing enormous damage to both my homeland and to the cause of my whole life.

I am sure that all of the above has also been possible due to the lack of information or the distortion of the information brought to you, and because of that your opinion about the SkyWay project has not been expressed yet.

I invite you, dear Alexander Grigorievich, to visit our engineering company, production and the EcoTechnoPark to form your own opinion about the technology that can ensure not only the prosperity of our native Belarus, but also create the conditions for the harmonious development of the entire civilization on Earth for centuries to come, especially as you supported the innovative technology "Yunitskiy String Transport" back in 1997. Despite the fact that your instructions have never been carried out by the officials, you will be able to see how much has been done over the years with the help of our investors from around the world, without any real support for the project from outside.

I am not against the freedom of speech, I am against the freedom of lies and slander.

Sincerely, engineer  A. Yunitskiy.

The Letter was published in full with all applications on the website of CJSC "String Technologies".


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