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Pass the Law about Responsible Treatment of Animals without cruelty

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Fourth nationwide and international action in defense of animals “Russia without cruelty” will take place 27 and 28 April 2013 under a slogan “We claim for the law to protect not to kill!”

Join us! Hold an action in your city!

All sorts of actions are acceptable: demos and pickets, leafleting, flashmobs, petitions to authorities etc.

It’s very important now to unite and make our claims loud for the citizens of Russia and other countries and for Russian authorities.

Many years we claimed for the law, which would protect animals from cruelty. We made demos, organized international actions, applied to AR activists abroad, to people of art and culture, to president, to prime minister, to State Duma, to Committee of Natural Resources and Ecology...

Finally 23 March 2011 Federal Law #458458-5 “About responsible treatment of animals” passed first reading in State Duma. However despite the fact that the law passing was supported by the overwhelming majority of parliamentaries, second reading was appointed two years after the first one!

And now authorities want to make this law murderous, not defensive. They plan to affirm annihilation of stray dogs and cats on the federal scale as “the only way to regulate the quantity of animals, left without people’s care”.

How could this happen?

After the changeover of the lineup of State Duma the working group of the draft law “About responsible treatment of animals” was reformed:

— ALL the representatives of local AR organizations were put out of the working group;
— representatives of organization “Lapka druga” (“Friend’s paw”) and “Realisticheskaya zoozashita” (“Realistic animal defense”), who support killings of animals both by authorities and by local maniacs, were put into the working group;
— M.A. Shingarkin, the parliamentary from the LDPR (semi right wing / pro-Kremlin fraction), who claims for killing all the animals that were left without people’s care and who doesn’t like animals at all and admits he does this job only “to protect people from stray dogs”, was assigned a head of the working group (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHYqcGstzdA).

It’s obvious that all these measures pursued only one aim — to affirm killing of stray dogs and cats as the main method of regulating the quantity of stray animals, to justify the total murder!

New working group feels okay about the fact that this kind of method exists in our country since 1917 and all these years it was showing its ineffectiveness. However these measures perfectly suit for raising cruelty, anger and hatred in society. This sad history made possible maniacs who call themselves doghunters to kill and torture innocent animals day after day and gaining popularity in our messed society. Police says they can do nothing due to the lack of legislative power.

This working group ignores the opinion of the society. According to the recent poll of state agency Levada Center, only 8% of Russian citizens approve the method of annihilation, while 90% are sure, that animals need to have protection from cruelty. Working group also ignores the fact, that 61% of Russians have pets and 87% of them treat their pets as family members. Working group also ignores the fact that many serial killers started with animals and then turned to humans.

Only simultaneous implementing of complex program of sterilization on the federal scale under the strict control on its performance as well as the system of birth control and responsibility for the owners (according to statistics, about 75% of stray animals in Russia are ex-pets) can solve the problem. It was proved many times by the international experience.

Our demands are:
1. No legislative permit on annihilation of stray animals!
2. Implementing the universal mechanism of regulation of stray animals’ quantity on the federal scale!
3. Deprivation of deputy Shingarkin and organization “Lapka Druga” (Friend’s Paw), who strive for annihilation of stray animals and doghunters, from the work on the draft law “About the responsible treatment of animals”!
4. Dropping of restrictions of participating AR activists in the working group on draft law;
5. Passing the law “About the responsible treatment of animals”, which suggests the input of administrative and criminal liability for the animal cruelty.
6. Creating the Russian Animal Police, as an analogue of ASPCA.

We call everyone to support our demands and take part in international action “Russia without cruelty” 27 and 28 April 2013.

If you are ready to organize an action in your city, please write here: o.ozerov@gmail.com

Please make reposts, tell your friends and comrades, share the info everywhere!

Logo: http://newsland.ru/public/upload/images/-en.png

Video call for action: http://youtu.be/uMfvmGL-geQ

Facebook page of event: http://www.facebook.com/events/462390097167287

Call for action in German: http://en.zhivoderam.net/russland-ohne-grausamkeit-4-de

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