Please return in the comics Atrocitus, leader of the Red Lanterns and his faithful friend - Dex - Starr.

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Since its inception, Atrocitus showed interesting and cruel villian in the comic book Green Lantern. At disclosing him as a character in it began to appear the makings of an anti-hero. During the time that Atrocitus has appeared in comics, he demonstrated enormous power and ruthlessness towards his enemies. Even restarting in New 52 the author managed to convey his character, but only to a certain point. Unfortunately Charles Soule failed to grasp the importance of Atrocitus in a leadership role and did not disclose the essence of the Red Light. I and all signatories of this petition ask to return Atrocitus in the comics. But this is perhaps not all. Specifically, an important component of Red Light, and anger is a faithful pet Atrocitus's named Dex-Starr. Therefore, i, and, i hope, not only me, pleased return and furious cat in comics. It is important to us.

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