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What is the State of the WI Insulin Price Cap Bill? (UPDATES + THOUGHTS FOR ADVOCATES)

Julia F
United States

Aug 10, 2021 — 

Here we are again, and still, we have not passed the Wisconsin Insulin Price Cap bill... 

Here are a few updates and questions to keep in mind as you consider the state of the bill and this petition:

There are so many ideas out there, and different approaches to affecting positive change for this community, so I want to know...

  • Do you think this petition is still a good way to get the bill passed and reach a resolution for Wisconsinites with diabetes who are struggling to afford their insulin?
    • If so, what do you think will help to get this bill pushed through and approved?

I want to help make it happen for this community but have felt stunted through COVID, as I'm sure many of you also have. We are facing so many important issues and challenges in 2021. Unfortunately, this particular issue has gotten washed away in the mix of it all, but I want to bring it back to the forefront of our representation's minds and agendas for the sake of this community. Don't you?

I want to hear your ideas and thoughts on how we can affect this positive change. Clearly, a petition with almost 65,000 signatures isn't enough for the state to date. Various articles and videos have been produced on the topic of lowering insulin prices, but unfortunately, the urgency and necessity of the bill has seemed to fall flat.

Wisconsinites, I especially need your help. I have gotten feedback in the past from various representatives that implied that they need more signatures from Wisconsin citizens for the petition to make an impact on the decision-making process.

So, if you know Wisconsin citizens who would be willing to support this, please send the petition link their way and ask them to lend their signatures. I believe that's a good first step.

I'm still in this with everyone who's signed the petition from the start to now despite the slowness of its progress. I welcome your ideas and input about how to reach a resolution. I think we can all agree that insulin prices shouldn't keep rising and that we want to do our part to stop prices from going up...

If you are a more experienced advocate and petition starter, please don't hesitate to share your ideas and steps to success. I'd love to hear about what you think makes the biggest impact in getting a positive response to your petition.

Thanks to everyone who's kept up with the petition since 2019. I hope we can FINALLY close it on a positive note in the near future!

You can follow the WI Insulin Price Cap Support Page on Facebook for more updates as well.

Thanks again. I hope you are feeling healthy and hanging in there through every high and low.

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