Permission Piranha Bytes on publication and use content alpha versions game Gothic

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Hi, I'm a fan game Gothic, I, how and many other fans of this wonderful game, like to learn something new and interesting about favorite game. I am a youtuber and record various movies about alpha and beta content Gothic 1, they are very interesting to many people from the Polish, Russian and German fan community. Topics with alpha and beta versions are really very interesting and they continue to be actively discussed even now - almost 20 years after release game. I've seen a lot of different questions and requests about the most various alpha versions on all the biggest international gaming forums. Alpha version of Gothic is really a very unique case. This game has lost a lot during its development for one reason or another. I am sure that in alpha versions there is a lot of mysterious and intriguing content. Unfortunately, as we know the developers of Piranha Bytes have not yet granted permission to publish and use this content. And so I appeal to all fans, Polish, German, Russian and many others - let's try to solve this issue all together! We need to unite and show how many of us are left, let the developers see that there are really a lot of us! Let's support this petition, tell everyone you can about it, the more people will support us the better. I am sure that together we will be able to get permission to publish these materials!