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Petition To Get TAMAR KAPRELIAN To Eurovision 2018

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Tamar Kaprelian is an Armenian-American singer and songwriter currently residing in New York City. Born in Scottsdale, Arizona and brought up in both Georgia and California by Armenian parents, Tamar was constantly surrounded by love and great music. Through an inspiring story of discovery, Tamar competed in an online contest run by the band One Republic in March of 2008. Through YouTube, the contest aimed to choose the best cover of the band’s hit song "Apologize.” Tamar's version was chosen as the winner and she was soon offered a recording contract by Interscope Records. Her debut album, "Sinner Or A Saint," was released in August, 2010, and features the Wax Ltd-produced hit song, "New Day." “New Day” was featured in various television programming, including the fifth season finale of the hit MTV series “The Hills” as well as "American Idol" and "90210." Tamar's sophomore project, an EP titled “California,” was released on June 19, 2012. Co-written by producers Xandy Barry and Wally Gagel, “California” was one of the first projects released from Universal’s Killer Tracks Artist Series. Tamar's second EP, titled "Yours to Keep," features three new original songs as well as covers of "Summer, Highland Falls" and "Don't Ask Me Why" by Billy Joel.  Most recently, Tamar proudly represented Armenia in Vienna at the 60th Eurovision Song Contest, along with five other talented international artists, all with Armenian backgrounds. The group successfully made it to the finals round in this prestigious competition show. There are so many people from Armenia, Europe, Australia and the USA who want to see Tamar Kaprelian again on the Eurovision Song Contest stage as a solo artist and each year there are more and more people who want that. To see Tamar Kaprelian perform as solo artist at Eurovision 2018 would make us proud. AMPTV, please pay your attention to the people's choice, selecting the next artist from Armenia to Eurovision 2018. Tamar, come back to Eurovision 2018 and make us proud again! #teamKaprelian

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