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SPCA Nepal will release 13 dogs into a certain death

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The story:
�� In Sindhupalchowk, a village close to the Chinese border, people left 16 dogs after the earthquake 2015 .they were all on their own.
A few months ago they got spayed but again left there alone.
A few days ago we got info that locals chained them and starved them and planned to kill them with knives and stones because they ate a goat and they were afraid they will eat their children.
We had 2 days to save them.
In a spectacular action we drove their with pick up trucks 8 hours from Kathmandu to this village to Get them out. We brought them in a open space called Hattigauda in Kathmandu, that belongs to SPCA NEPAL. Now they wrote us an email where we are forced now to move them. But where? We are 3 private people, one of them located in Germany. We can’t just release these dogs to the streets of Kathmandu. We will have to put them to sleep. That’s the more human way. This is the email from SPCA: Dear Ritu Ji.

As a successful change over SPCA Nepal management. We are making changes in the working system and also upgrading our shelter under assistant of our entire team and doners so that we can make our service and commitment more effective.
We also here by request you to please relocate the healthy Sindupalchowk souls to a safer location. We have tried our best and did extend their stay at the shelter from your 15 days request to 45 days until now, but we are now helpless due to the situation. We do not have shelter care taker at present as the earlier care taker have gone abroad which has brought us to deep crisis. So we look forward for you to relocate them at earliest committed by you. The portion they are sheltered under will be renovated next week.


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