The Punishment xQc received is out of proportion

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The Goal of this Camaign is to make Blizzard Entertainment rethink the way they handle Punishment for Players who misbehaved. In this Case im specifically looking at Felix Lengyel, also known as xQc because i think his most recent Punishment was 1. Too much and 2. Partly Hypocritical.

But let me explain why i think the way i do.  xQc got banned for 4 Games and was fined 4000$ because he Trashtalked Jake, OWL Commentators and used the Trihard Emote. While i dont wand to defend the first two Points as that was clear misbehaviour and should see Punishment, the Usage of the Trihard Emote was extremely misinterpreted by Blizzard. Never in the entire Time i watched xQc's Content did he gave me a reason to believe he is a Racist ( or homophobic, but thats another story...) or in any way discriminative against any Culture.

For those who dont know, the Twitch chat is a bloody mess full of Meme spam because past certain viewer counts thats the only way to get any message to be noticed by anyone. The chat Emotes are there to show how the viewers feel. The Trihard Emote is the face of a black man and is usually used to comment on good gameplay. For example, someone get a 6k Dragonblade, the chat will spam Pogchamp or Trihard to name examples. Emotes can also be used in a not so fancy manner such as Racism, however to make the Trihard (or any other Emote) Racist further context is needed.

xQc has been using the Emote in the OWL Twitch chat literally since the League started and Never did he put it into any racist Context and even other players did the same thing. Claiming it was intended to be Racist just because he used it when a black Person appeared on screen, again with no further context is a Major Misinterpretation of what happened.

Personally i would even go so far to call it straight up defamation since the claims that xQc behaves in a racist mannor are purely based on the Usage of an Global Twitch Emote wich was never put in a racist context by xQc.

Blizzard should apologise to xQc and reduce his Punishment as this course of actions is just pure Hypocrecy and if you dont believe me just look at the Twitch stream from Overwatch League, the Trihard 7 spam in defense of xQc is real and justified.