NSK selling guitar and Bamboo sharks!!!

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The photo above was taken at NSK Kota Damansara .NSK supermarkets are selling guitar sharks and bamboo sharks (Chiloscyllium punctatum) at their stores! The White Spotted Guitarshark (Rhynchobatus australiae) is a species Vulnerable to extinction! We need to boycott NSK to pressure them to stop selling sharks at their stores! As sustainable consumers we need to let NSK hear that we do not support the sale of sharks and unsustainable seafood. Tell them that you don't support their agenda. By signing the petition you pledge to boycott NSK until they remove sharks from their stores. Guitar sharks are benthic (bottom dwelling) sharks, which means they stay on the seafloor. Bottom trawling, a type of destructive fishing method, drags it's nets along the seafloor to catch guitarsharks, bamboo sharks and other bottom dwelling marine life, not to forget that it destroys coral reefs!

Shark populations have declined over 90% in the past decade and 100 million sharks are killed every year, this is simply unsustainable as sharks are vital for the health of our oceans. I need your help to make a difference today!