We're sued for $400000 for smoking by an ex-smoker hiding it! Help create anti-SLAPP laws!

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【Don't use us as anti-smoking propaganda!】
We're sued for $400000 for smoking by an ex-smoker hiding it! The head of the notorious anti-smoking fascist group wrote the medical certificates full of lies. The plaintiffs are not only the SLAPPERS, but they all belong to the Japanese biggest cult group. Even the commander of of Kanagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters did a favor for them. The true target is the wife of the defendant who actively engages in the community activities, which is ME. They wanna shut ME up, but I WON'T. Please sign the petition and help create anti-SLAPP laws in Japan!

Here is what happened.

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My name is Atsuko Fujii. I live in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. This is a true story that’s been happening to me and my husband. We are being sued for $400000 for nothing. 

  The plaintiffs are three members of a family living above us diagonally. A couple, Mr.A and Ms.B are in their 70’s and their daughter, Ms.C is in her 40’s. They sued one defendant, my husband. They claim that the smoke from my husband’s cigarettes made all of them chemically sensitive and Ms. B and C with central nerve system disorders.

  Surprisingly enough, Mr.A was a long-term smoker himself. I guess he was    the spring of 2015, and gave up smoking then. The daughter was also severely suffering from cancer for many, many years, having been exposed to all sorts of chemical treatments.

  However, they hid all these facts and sued us, pretending they were all healthy, claiming their symptoms of chemical sensitivity just started only after my husband started to smoke some foreign cigarettes in the spring of 2016.

  Believe it or not, my husband smokes only a little. To be exact, 2.8g is the average amount of the leaves burnt at home by him. He’s never been a heavy smoker. He was already smoking Gudang Garam when I met him 35 years ago. These past decades or so, he was smoking Gudang Garam, Signature Menthol ( 1.1mg nicotine / 15mg Tar) and Colts Vanilla Taste ( 0.79mg nicotine / 11.7mg Tar). Now he only smokes Colts Vanilla Taste. Most of the time, he smokes in his soundproofed room with the air cleaner on. The smoking amount hasn’t changed much in the past 35 years.

  The story dates back to September 6th in 2016, when they came over to our house for the first time and told us that our smoke kept drifting into their house very thickly almost 24 hours a day and that it had been lasting since the spring of that year. To make their story true, they had to say that I smoked too, since my husband doesn’t stay home all the time.

  It was on that very first day that I was called “criminal” by Ms.B. That was when this whole nightmare started.

  I told them very honestly that I used to smoke until around 2008 but I quit it and had never smoked since then. My husband was very honest about it too. He nicely gave them the sample of the tobacco leaves he was smoking and told them the names of the bands, Gudang Garam and Colts. There were no reasons for us to hide.

  My husband even nicely offered to demonstrate and test to see if they were actually able to smell it, both outside of my house and inside of their house. He ran the vent and smoked for a few minutes. The result was, off course, they couldn’t smell any of it. I was with Ms.B checking the smell together outside, but the wind was blowing in different directions and there was no way we could sense it.

  Being very careful, my husband did another test, which was NOT TO SMOKE AT ALL FOR A WHILE. We were pretty sure that they would come back and if they said the smoke would keep drifting into their house, then he could be positive that it wasn’t him.

  So, he spent 16 straight days without smoking until that day came. On September 22nd, they accused us again of not having given up smoking in spite of their heartful begging to quit it. Then, my husband told them that he had NOT smoked for 16 days. You don’t believe the expressions on their faces! I got it all taped. My husband was very relieved and happy to find out it wasn’t him. So, he started smoking again, on that night, in his own soundproofed room.

  I think his attitudes were quite decent and scientifically correct.

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  Shockingly, we also had visits of the detectives TWICE without any notice (6 of them altogether). This was when this crazy story started to get spookier.

  By reading the documents submitted to the court by the plaintiffs, you can see these visits were made due to the two requests made by Ms.B and their attorneys. The requests were sent directly to the ex-chief of Kanagawa Prefectural Police Department, Minoru Saito, who is now the second top in the whole police organization in Japan!

  Can you believe it? The head of the prefectural police department did these plaintiffs A FAVOR!

  Usually, people try to hide things like this, I guess, because they know it by heart that it’s something that should not be exposed. That’s why he did the favor for them, right? But these people (the plaintiffs and their attorneys) somehow, stupidly enough, disclosed it themselves very willingly as if it was something they should be very proud of. For what purpose? I believe that they wanted to give the pressure to the court by showing how close they were to the police. Otherwise, what would be the benefit of submitting the proof that the police had determined the defendant was innocent!

  Minoru Saito, the ex-chief of Kanagawa Prefectural Police Department now must be very shocked to see his names being proudly shown in those official documents. Thank God, they left all the evidence! I didn’t have to reveal it myself. Now everybody knows he did it.

  Can you imagine how threatening and intimidating it was to have those visits of the detectives? Not only once, but even twice FOR SUCH A TRIVIAL MATTER. You know, smoking in your private room is not prohibited in Japan. If Minoru Saito hadn’t given any orders, I wouldn’t have had to experience those frightening moments. I will NOT forgive him. There must have been more important cases than this stupid one. I’m not sure who there was behind the scene, but there must have been someone that was very, very important to the ex-chief, Minoru Saito. It could be someone from Soka Gakkai since the plaintiffs all belong to Soka Gakkai. Who knows? He needs to explain this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soka_Gakkai

  The first time the detectives came over to my house, they checked and found nothing wrong. So they said they would never come back. However, the second time they came, they knew that there wouldn’t be any smell. Why did they come? Because they had to. It wasn’t because they wanted to. It was because it was the order directly from their supervisor, Minoru Saito.

  Mr Asakawa, a sergeant of the criminal division, who came both the 1st and the 2nd time, probably knew that the boss was wanting to see some important outcome. You know, he wasn’t satisfied with what was reported the first time. Mr Asakawa seemed so stuck and struggling, not knowing what to do with this furious, screaming woman in front of him. That was me. It was quite obvious that this was a very painful case for him. He said,“ I understand your feelings. Your feelings of tremendous amount of doubts and fear. I can only tell you that I can not make what is white into black. Trust me.” Being stuck between me and the boss, he made the right decision. You know how hard it was for him. Japanese people can’t say no, especially to the top. They don’t know how to resist. So, at least, this was done right. Probably, this was the only thing that was done right out of everything.


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  One more important feature of this case is the medical certificates with the fake diagnoses.

・They severely suffer from passive smoking. (Mr. A pretended he had never smoked. Ms. C was so tired she didn’t go to see Dr Manabu Sakuta. The certificate was written without actually checking her. It’s against the law.)

・They are all chemically sensitive. ( In this case, only Ms. C was thoroughly checked.)

・The cause is the smoke from the neighbor. (Both doctors have never come to check us.They only listen to their story. )

・Nicotine came out of the bodies of Ms. B and Ms. C.

  How could the nicotine come out of their bodies? There can’t be. Because, I don’t smoke, my husband only smokes a little in his sealed room, Mr. A quit smoking because of cancer, and Ms. C can not go outside. She’s too sick and barely able to walk allegedly due to my husband smoking, according to their statements. In the past, they asked around the neighborhood and checked “ Who smokes, and who doesn’t,” and the result was, they say, there’s nobody that smokes around my area except for us. Well, I don’t think this is reliable, but they have to resort to what they have said. So according to their theory, there can’t be any smoke. So, why nicotine came out of their bodies? Their explanation for this is that their diagnostic criteria for secondhand smoking symptoms was renewed in 2016 and there is no nicotine check-up included in this new criteria. The reason, they say, is that the result out of the nicotine check-up was never constant and stable. And what is more unreliable is that Dr. Sakuta has made their first diagnosis made by his subordinate even more severely, from level 3 to level 4.

  Dr.Manabu Sakuta, who did all the tests should explain what was actually going on and how he wrote those medical certificates that are full of lies. He’s a head of a well-known anti smoking lobby group and works in Japanese Red Medical Center in Tokyo. I bet he just wanted to take advantage of this case to let people know how bad smoking was, I can understand the risks of secondhand smoke exposure, but to take advantage of people’s lives and lie for your own benefits is wrong. No doubts about that.

  I also want to accuse Dr.Mikio Miyata, who is a well-known authority in the field of chemical sensitivity. Here again, without having checked us, he determined that all their symptoms of chemical sensitivity were triggered by the second-hand smoke. In this case, off course, of my husband’s. How could he do that? The facts shouldn’t be overlooked. These two doctors, in spite of their big names, what they care is THEIR OWN PROPAGANDA. They do not even know the simple rule that things have to be done, based on facts, not on lies. It’s even going to deteriorate the whole quality of their own movements. They’re ruining what they have been building up for many years. Too sad.

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  Each one of the liars will be sued. That includes the plaintiffs and their attorneys too. The doctors and the ex-chief of the police department will have to come out to explain to us why they did that. I need to hear it. All the wrongdoings are already out there. I’ve got all the proofs and the tapes.

  One time, my friend accidentally caught Ms. B talking loudly in the bus, bragging about how they’d been suffering from my smoking. (You know, their real target is me.) My friend kicked her out of the bus. Thanks to her! There was another time when my friend rushed into my house saying, “ I came across with Ms. B and Ms. C. They were saying you made Ms. C hardly able to walk!” Living in the small town like this where everybody knows everybody’s name, many people ended up leaving me because they’re afraid of the fact that this gossip was getting too monstrous. I don’t regret it because I now know who my real friends are. 

  Even now, I sometimes receive questions with an ugly grin, “Do you smoke? Even if you say no, you still do it secretly, right?” Who’s going to be responsible for all these? This is what SLAPPs are all about. If I had been living in the US, this would definitely have been taken as a SLAPP suit and I wouldn’t have had to go through all these. In Japan, no precautionary measures are taken, so these SLAPPers can get away with it. Something has to be done about this. So, please sign this to help Japan take its first step to make anti-SLAPP laws.

Thank you.

Atsuko Fujii (Atsuko Asano / Atchan / Fujii Atchan)

2-5-2-103 Susukino, Aoba, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

Note to media: If you would like to contact us please email a_atchan@yahoo.co.jp



 You can find all the proofs and the linked documents on this page.