Please reconsider the censorship in Tokyo Mirage Session Encore for Nintendo Switch

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As every TMS#FE fans know. The ported version for nintendo switch of tokyo mirage sessions #fe will likely based on the WiiU US version, which is load of unnecessary censorship or change of Story Setting. and now, even Japanese version of this port also seem to be censored to match the worldwide version. As you can see in the Official site of Japanese game  (

We understand that some games from japan may not suite the worldwide audience such as violent or sexual contents. But Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is not one of those game. The original Japanese Wii U version already very friendly to everyone and not harmful in term of violent or sexual contents. In fact, even without the censorship the game already deserved ESRB:TEEN in the first place.

Fans of the original game are not hoping for these censorship to happen again. so, please reconsider or at least tone down the censorship for the final version of this ported of our beloved game.

Hoping for Nintendo and Atlus to listen.