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Nickelodeon: Fan recommendations for "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3-5"

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First off, the faces of the Turtles and Splinter should be re-designed, with inspiration being taken from the 1990 live-action film and the 2003 animated TV series. Donatello should be made more muscular. Each film should be well over 2 hours long. The music scores should be done by Brian Tyler and Steve Jablonsky.



Fan Recommendations For "TMNT 3":

Both the main theme of "TMNT"[2014] and the main theme of "TMNT 2: Out of The Shadows" should be used in the film.

The film should have an opening credits sequence, during which "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"(performed by CD9) should be played in the background.

The film should pick up 4 months after the events of "TMNT 2: Out of The Shadows". It should be revealed that during those 4 months, Casey Jones has been preparing for his life as a vigilante by doing various excercises and creating the arsenal of weapons that his counterpart from the current TMNT animated TV series has. Casey's hair should be longer and it should be revealed that his natural hair color is black.

The Kraang, including their leader, Krang(Kraang Prime)(who should be voiced by Pat Fraley), should be in the film. The Kraang should end up forming an alliance with the Foot Clan(who have been trying to find Shredder and are unaware of the fact that Krang has Shredder) and because of this alliance, the Foot Clan should gain access to Kraang technology and Mutagen. When Krang meets up with the Foot Clan, he should lie by telling them that Shredder got gravely injured and that he has been keeping him inside a machine that has been healing him, and that when the healing process is finished, he will return Shredder to them. Krang should wipe Shredder of his memory of Krang's betrayal. It should be revealed that TCRI is secretly run by the Kraang. It should be revealed that Krang is a member of the Utrom race, who, after discovering the Mutagen, which comes from Kraathatrogons(gigantic worm-like creatures that reside in Dimension X), used it on himself, which caused him to become gigantic(though he later created a device that he used to revert himself back to his original size) and gain psychic abilities, which he used to enslave the majority of the other Utroms by turning them into the hive-minded faction called the Kraang in order to take over Dimension X and other universes. The Utroms who managed to avoid becoming part of the Kraang formed the Utrom Tribe in order to defeat the Kraang. One of the members of the Utrom Tribe, Knight, later willfully joined the Kraang and became known as "Kraang Subprime".

Tatsu(a member of the Foot Clan) and the Purple Dragons(including Hun, Dragon Face, Fong, Tsoi, Sid, John, and Mohawk) should be in the film.

Raphael's pet turtle, Spike, should be introduced.

The whereabouts of Eric Sacks should be revealed.

It should be revealed that Splinter was once a human named Hamato Yoshi, who grew up alongside Oroku Saki, who was his adopted brother. Yoshi's father(Hamato Yuta) discovered an infant Saki after the Hamato Clan attacked a Foot Clan village, which left the Foot Clan broken. Many years later, Yoshi and Saki met & fell in love with Tang Shen, who Yoshi eventually married. Saki's jealousy turned into hatred and after a fight with Yoshi, he fled and, after he got several of Yuta's ninjas-in-training to join him, started to rebuild the Foot Clan as its new leader. Afterwards, Saki went to Yoshi's home to attack him, which resulted in the death of Tang Shen and the house being burned down to the ground. Saki, now angrier and with an even bigger hatred of Yoshi, then used 2 ancient spells he had learned to turn Yoshi into a rat and wipe him of all his memories of his human life, took Yoshi & Shen's daughter, Miwa, as his adopted daughter and named her "Karai", and took the human-turned-rat Yoshi, who he wanted to save for a later use. Afterwards, Saki discovered the Kuro Kabuto(an ancient helmet that had been used by previous Foot Clan leaders, including the Foot Clan's founder, Koga Takuza), became referred to as "the Shredder", and turned the Foot Clan into a worldwide crime syndicate. 7 years later, in 1999, Saki sent Yoshi to the lab in which he and the Turtles were administered the Mutagen by Kirby O'Neil and Eric Sacks. When Yoshi, now Splinter, found the book on ninjutsu in the sewers and started using it to train himself, all of his past knowledge of ninjutsu began to re-emerge. Miwa's survival and her actually being Karai should not be learned by Splinter and the Turtles until a later film.

The Shredder's suit from the current TMNT animated TV series should be used.

The Foot Clan and the Purple Dragons should be shown using weapons that they have traditionally used in previous TMNT continuities, in addition to guns.

Baxter Stockman should use his Stockman-Pod(which should be upgraded after the T-Pod, a device that Donnie created from parts he found at a military junkyard, is plugged into it by Baxter after he gets a hold of it) and Mousers.

The phrases "Cowabunga!", "Booyakasha!", "It's ninja time!", "Go, green machine!", and "Turtle power!" should be used.

At the end of the film, April should ask Splinter to train her as a kunoichi.

The film should end with a nighttime scene in which the Turtles are running and jumping across rooftops, while Leo's ending monologue from the end of the 1st issue of the original TMNT comic book series plays in the background. After the monologue is finished, the Turtles make one last jump toward the camera and the final image of the Turtles and the film should be this: Right after the screen fades to black, Michelangelo should be heard exclaiming "God, I love being a turtlllle!". Then, the 4 Turtles should be heard exclaiming "Cowabungaaaa!".

"Turtle Power"(performed by Partners In Kryme) should be played in the background during the end credits.



The home video release of "TMNT 3" should include a 20-minute-long animated short film that picks up from where "TMNT"[2014] left off and shows Shredder being arrested, the arrangement made between the Turtles and Vern, the Turtles meeting the pizza delivery guy named Kevin, and the Turtles and Splinter finding & setting up their new lair.



Fan Recommendations For "TMNT 4":

Chris Bradford(who is turned into Dogpound) and Xever Montes(who is turned into Fishface) should be in the film. The Shredder should have Baxter Stockman build mechanical legs and an external water-breathing rig for Fishface by using Kraang technology.

Both human Foot soldiers and Footbots(robotic Foot soldiers created with Kraang technology) should be used.

It should be revealed that April's father, Kirby O'Neil, is not dead and has been in Kraang custody since the event of the lab fire in which he was believed to have been killed by Eric Sacks. Note: The backstory of Mrs O'Neil, Kirby O'Neil, and April O'Neil from the current TMNT animated TV series should be used in this continuity.

"Ninja Rap"(performed by Vanilla Ice) should be played in the background during the end credits.



The home video release of "TMNT 4" should include a 20-minute-long animated short film based on the episode "Slash And Destroy" from the current TMNT animated TV series.



Fan Recommendations For "TMNT 5":

The storyline fron the current TMNT animated TV series in which Tyler Rockwell(who is turned into Monkey Brains) and Victor Falco(who is turned into the Rat King) are introduced should be used. After being turned into the Rat King, Victor Falco flees into the sewers with the rats from his lab(Aristotle, Caligula, Claudius, Nero, and Commodus). Using his new ability to telepathically control & tap into the minds of rats, Rat King becomes aware of Splinter. After gaining more knowledge about the Mutagen from Splinter's mind, Rat King uses a growth serum mixed with Mutagen on Caligula, Claudius, Nero, and Commodus, and then sends the 4 rats out into the city to bring back human test subjects. Near the end of the film, the Turtles should witness members of the Kraang enter a secret Kraang lab and should follow them into it. This should lead to a fight between the Turtles and the Kraang members that results in 3 animal captives(Leatherhead, Pigeon Pete, and the Newtralizer) that were mutated by the Kraang being freed and escaping from the lab.



The home video release of "TMNT 5" should include a 20-minute-long animated short film based on the episode "Newtralized" from the current TMNT animated TV series. After the Newtralizer is defeated and Slash bids farewell to the Turtles and Casey, the short film should cut to a short period of time later, when Slash, Leatherhead, Monkey Brains, and Pigeon Pete meet each other and Jack Kurtzman and form the Mighty Mutanimals.

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