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Continue the Mortal Kombat universe legacy and stop destroying it with guest characters.

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Let it be the petition from all of us - the entire community of the Mortal Kombat Fans. Fans with a big “F” in it. Those who’ve been supporting this franchise for more than 2 decades. Who remained loyal no matter how high and how low this franchise has ever been.  Who knows every character storyline, every single realm, even every single soundtrack.  And those who no longer want to stand aside as the situation finally reached its boiling point after the recent announcement of new wave of downloadable content for the latest installment in MK series – Mortal Kombat X.

First of all we’d like to say Congratulations to the entire developers’ team from Netherrealm Studios for making Mortal Kombat X the 2015 best fighting game. That’s an awesome achievement. We all should agree that this game is the best game in the series when it comes to mechanics and gameplay.

Unfortunately, “when it comes to mechanics and gameplay” are the key words in previous statement…

20 years past – and a simple fighting game released in 1992 has expanded to a large universe filled with different worlds, inhabitants, characters and stories behind it. This is the universe we, longtime Fans, have grown to love. And for us, Mortal Kombat is much more than “a fighting game known for its ultra-violence”. Expanding the universe is where games like “MK Deadly Alliance” and “MK Deception” have succeeded. As controversial as they can be gameplay-wise, no one should deny that their glory lies in huge amount of content they gave us (that includes lore, bios, conquest mode, unlockable characters and Krypt content). The characters that were introduced in the games released after MK Trilogy may be not as popular, some of them even obscure (we’re looking at you, Hsu Hao) but the truth is that they never had that kind of attention and marketing campaign like the characters commonly known as “classic”.  They never were a part of the movie or cartoon series (Shinnok from MK Annihilation doesn't count, haha). They never were made as action figures. So there’s obviously no way they could become famous enough. And controversial gameplay of the games they were in only further ruined their reputation. But in general they had pretty decent design and biography.

And so after the reboot in 2011 which meant to undo all the mess caused by MK Armageddon it was the time these characters would finally have the 2nd chance. And we hoped that the latest announcement of Kombat Pack 2 DLC is going to bring it. Let’s face it – Mortal Kombat X already has somewhat disappointing roster. Two guest DLC characters are more than enough, plus half of the roster filled with MK2011 returnees (some of them are really odd choices).

But the long anticipated Kombat Pack 2 DLC was nothing more than a giant slap in the face for the Fans. Instead of re-introducing long absent characters and expanding our beloved universe, we now have even more useless guests, clearly implemented in the game only for one purpose – money. And if we combine this with the fact that Shawn Kittelsen’s comic series is basically a story about less popular characters getting killed, we can come to conclusion that WB more interested in turning the franchise into the one giant cash cow (similar to Activision’s Call of Duty) with numerous guest characters and the same MK2011 cast all over again just to please casual audience.

It doesn’t matter which character you’d like to see in the game, whether it’s Fujin, Reiko, Havik, Nitara, Rain, Li Mei, Hotaru or even Darrius –we kindly ask you to sign this petition. The legacy of Mortal Kombat should not be abandoned and replaced with part-time movie icons. It must be continued. Every character from the past deserves a second chance. NRS, please stop making us believe that years 1997-2007 never happened. You have 30+ characters waiting to be properly utilized, not to be used like 2nd grade garbage. Give them a try. Give a try to the whole MK franchise. Please, listen to your true fans.

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