We want Season 3 for Anne With An E

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Season 2 of Anne with an E was released about two weeks ago. The AnnE fandom had waited for it for over a year, worrying first of AnnE would be renewed for a second season; after the second season was confirmed, the fandom continued worrying when filming would start, when the trailer would drop, when the second season would be released. After all these things were confirmed, the fandom continued worrying.

What will the second season be about? Will the producers do the characters and the storylines justice? Will Gilbert return to Avonlea? And then season 2 was released and the fandom stopped worrying. The second season was binge watched by many viewers over the entire world, fan-made pictures and videos were released hours after the release. And since the release of season 2, the fanbase of AnnE has been growing since never before.

However, the fandom hasn’t forgotten the time of worrying. Will a third season be possible? Yes, we do think that. Why? :

It's an amazing show that derseves more Seasons to see the amazing Characters grow ?

Because I need to know what happens to my favorite Characters!! Will Cole return to avonleaor will he stay with miss Barry, will Diana be able to go to finishing school in France after all, will Anne and Gilbert admit their true Feelings for each other?? Also it`s one of my favorite shiws and the whole cast is amazing and they Deserve a third and fourth and fifth season.

I wasn`t a big fan of s2 but of course I still want a s3 , Anne with an E is still my fav Show and means a lot for me. I want to see a change and an improvement!

Because we need some Romancs between Anne and Gilbert otherwise I won`t be satisfied!!!

No more seriously it`s a really good show and it inspires me everday to feel better,be nicer,and appreciate what I got and what is around me

Because we need more development of Anne and Gilberts story,more Jerry and Diana, more Bash and mary and maybea child, more general humans rights that should be known already, Cole living out his life and maybe having feelings for someone, Marilla coping with her headaches/sore eyes, more lessons with Miss Stacy :)