Have Netflix and Nickelodeon renew Glitch Techs for more seasons

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Glitch Techs is a recent animated series produced by Nickelodeon, created by Dan Milano (co-creator of Greg the Bunny and writer for Robot Chicken) and Eric Robles (creator of Fanboy and Chum Chum), and is distributed for streaming on Netflix after Nickelodeon signed a deal with them to release exclusive content such as Pinky Malinky, Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, and Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling.

Glitch Techs is a cartoon about a group of teenage gamers who work for a technology and gaming store for the company Hinobi, when secretly they’re exterminators who capture video game glitches that broke out into the real world and wipe out the minds of any witnesses.  It’s pretty much the love child of Dan Milano’s love for Ghostbusters and Eric Robles’ love for Men in Black.  Glitch Techs started production since Nickelodeon green lit the project in 2016.  It was meant to air on Nickelodeon in late 2018, but in early 2019, Nickelodeon announced they froze production since they laid back half of the production, which worries those who looked forward to the series, but Robles announced not to worry since the show is not cancelled.  Then finally, after the first 20 episodes were complete, Nickelodeon announced Glitch Techs will be moved to being a Netflix original series, which started streaming February 2020.  So far, only the first ten episodes have been released, and the other ten are yet to released later this year.

Right now, 10 episodes have just been written, but they have yet to be produced and animated, if Nickelodeon and Netflix decide to renew the series for more episodes.  Glitch Techs is such an awesome series with stunning animation as fluid as other Netflix animated shows like Green Eggs and Ham and Hilda.  God forbid this series would be cancelled prematurely, like a few other good Nicktoons like Catscratch, El Tigre and Making Fiends.  So please, we the growing fanbase of this show need to spread the word and inspire other fans of gaming and animation to log on to Netflix and give this show a chance, and show how we really care for this show!  As soon as this series gets as much praise as other popular Netflix series, then Netflix would have to green light Nickelodeon to make more episodes, and if we’re lucky, maybe an animated feature by Paramount Animation! #savethetechs #SaveGlitchTechs