Change the name of KitKat BigKat to KitKat Thicc

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Nestlé and Kitkat US have always been at the top of the marketing game, with rhythmic commercials and catchy taglines ("Give me a break" anybody?). They have shown interest in marketing through meme culture by giving a lucky man 6,500 kitkats after one pack was stolen from his car with a hilarious apology note where his candy last stood.

KitKat, please give the people what they want. Rename that bar the KitKat Thicc (pronounced kit-kat-thick). They will sell out instantly, and once you restock, they will sell out again. I promise. We promise. Say it with me:




Good. Next thing you know, we will be saying things like "Check out that chick with the KitKat Thicc. Or maybe "When I feel sick, I need a KitKat Thicc." Now get to it!