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We want a good Unturned 4.0

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I want a good Unturned

Unturned slides with every update.Why did I decide that 4.0 would be fierce shit? You yourself see what updates Nelson releases. And the fact that the community unturned was divided into two camps - Pn and survival - does not bother you? All this leads us to the fact that with a 90% chance the new version of unturned will turn out to be fierce, as it was said before, with shit! And only 10% hope remains that Nelson will suddenly do something good, and not spoil the game. How hard it is to realize that your favorite game in a year will become the most hateful!

  1. Survival
    The game is ruined by servers that exist only for the sake of money. There are no more survival-style projects with a minimum of mods and donators. Now everywhere, wherever you go, clean pvp with weapons killing with one blow, well, and, perhaps, a good administration, which does not need a server! I remember those times when it was like finding a keg of oil next to
    your home! And now I have bought a whale for 65 rubles and are going to kill you stupidly,
  2. RP
    What I'm driving to survive, RP is also not at its best in the world right now. When the new RP mode came out, I squealed like a girl, I just realized that now I can shoot the series unturned, and it will look! But Nelson does not how to remedy this regime, if he worked on it, then RP would be ideal

Of course, the developer himself is to blame for the game rolling into shit. Look at what recent worthwhile updates were in the game. Make the Top of the coolest updates this year, and then - the top cool update 2016. Yes, I was accused after the previous clip in that I was in vain drove the compass. Compass is the right thing, okay, with this I mostly agreed. But these are flowers compared to the new arena update. Did you see what Nelson wrote? "There will be a global update of the Arena." And what did we see? Only the circle where the arena ends, or the dropping of aerodromes - this is a direct global update of the arena. And the clock is unturned? What is this nonsense? Even for pn it is an unnecessary thing. Motorcycles - we waited for them a year! Even when airplanes and ships came out, everyone thought that the next update would be motorcycles! And what we got a year later? Modusya bikes and it's better!
And what remains to be done by the developer, when the players themselves did not decide which mode they prefer - RP or survival

By signing this petition you agree, so that there are RP Modes and survival, also with what you want to change Unturned

Then Nelson admits that there are two survival modes and pn, and will improve both these projects. Well, if not


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