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Do not let the Islamic Republic of Iran destroy Evin prison, It is an historical memory

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Dear Madam,

The Islamic Republic of Iran is considering the destruction of the
well-known Evin Prison and its transformation into a public park. No
one would oppose it , if it were not for the fact that Evin prison is
a symbol of depravation and violation of human rights through the last
decades of Iranian history. From its first days in the second half of
the 1960s until now, the notorious Evin Prison has been the symbol of
repression of the freedom of thought and expression of the several
generations of political opponents in Iran.

We have spent periods of our lives in Evin prison where we were
tortured and members of our families were executed or disappeared. The
prison stands for a policy of violence and evokes particularly bitter
memories of tortures and mass executions in the 1980s. This place is a
part of our historical memory and we want to maintain and transform it
into a museum.

We, men and women who support the idea of an “Iran without prison,
torture and execution”, believe that the destruction of this symbol of
violence and human rights violation which aims to eliminate this
memory and transform it into a public park is totally disrespectful to
the victims and their families.

We believe that the elimination of these memories would lead future
generations to forget and repeat the great tragedy that our country
has experienced.

In our struggle for truth, justice and the rule of law we wish to
maintain the prison building as it, as a record of oppression .This is
not merely to keep tragic memories alive which our children need to be
aware of, but also to ensure that arbitrary detention, torture,
execution and disappearance never happen again.

As the mourners of thousands of men and women who were executed or who
disappeared in this “prison cemetery” we need to keep these memories
alive, to reveal the truth about our loved ones and to put an end to
this kind of oppression. To this end we need to keep this prison
building so that future generations judge these kinds of policies
against humanity.

We would like to request that you help us to do this for the lasting
historical memory and heritage of Iranians’ common knowledge.

We would like to request you not to allow the Islamic Republic of Iran
to destroy this important historical memory.

In conformity with UNESCO criterions (IV&VI) we would like to request
that you consider the prison as a part of world heritage with the name
of “World Memory”.

With Best Regards,


-Special Rapporteur of Human Rights Council on the Situation of Human
Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran

-Special Rapporteur on the torture and other cruel, inhuman or
degrading treatment or punishment in the United Nations

-Special Rapporteur on the extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary
execution in the United Nations

-Special Rapporteur on promotion of truth, justice expiration and
guarantees of non-recurrence

-Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances

-Working Group on Arbitrary Detention in United Nations

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