Petition Closed

One of the most adorable and cutting edge games that we have the honor to appreciate, in the WII, was "The Last Story", with it's outstanding and inovative, gameplay. Also the developers pushed the most of WII's hardware to make a incredible game story with incredible graphics. So, the the new hardware has came and the possibilites for new gameplays mechanics, really challenging boss battles and breathtaking visuals, has came as well. We, Nintendo fans, always were amazed for the RPG games made for the their systems. A new entry of a studio that made one of the most enjoyable RPG games for the WII, is just a massive request for the owners of the Nintendo's new system, WII U.

Note that's not a petition to an HD version of "The Last Story", but something new and directed for the WII U.

Thanks for the attention.

Letter to
Mistwalker Game Design Studio Developers of Mistwalker Game Design Studio
I, as a WII U owner, really want a new RPG game for the WII U, made by the talented group that made the "The Last Story", the incredible game released on the WII.

Not asking for an HD version of "The Last Story" but for something unique just as it was in the WII.