Baloo the dog needs help!!!

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Baloo is a street dog in Kathmandu, Nepal who got cut with a knife between his eyes.  He lost one eye  and has a huge wound in his head that goes up to the bones. When we found him hundreds of maggots tried to eat up his head.We brought him to the clinic for treatment. He already feels better and is fighting. Baloo will have ZERO chance in the streets of Nepal. And the GOOD NEWS are: we found a place for him at OneStarfish Rescue in Columbus Wisconsin USA where we will fly him as soon as he is recovered. He also has tvt, a treatable cancer. First priority now is his head, then the chemotherapy and then we will fly him.please help us buying his ticket!

My Name is Daniela Drees. I was in Nepal as a tourist December  2016 for only 10 days and saw the horror of the street dogs .Back in Germany I decided to open up a group at Facebook I´m running this group together with my Nepali friends Ritu Thapa and Julia Krepska from International Dog Adoption Nepal in Kathmandu. First we thought we could save these poor dogs in their own country Nepal, but getting a dog adopted in Nepal is impossible. Nepalis don`t adopt street dogs, only breed dogs.For this reason we are now focussing on International adoptions. We opened this group at Facebook 1 year and since this time  we flew and will fly about 60 dogs to the USA, Canada, Germany and Austria.

when you have questions I'm  happy to answer everything...  just call me, what's app me or Viber me : +491771971683

We also have a branch in Canada with Meredith Andrew