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Rescue the orangutans and take them to the animal rescue centre

We introduce this girl as Gundul. Her mother was killed and the rest of her life will be chained at the neck, and her home is a pile of garbage. She cannot hide from sunray and rain because she lives outside the home of her keeper. But Gundul is not alone. At least there are 4 orangutans with the same fate, kept illegally as pets, in East Kalimantan. They will die slowly in sorrow, unless you help them.

The Centre for Orangutan Protection has reported those poor orangutans to the Ministry of Forestry, and we offered a help to accommodate the orangutans, but until now, the Ministry of Forestry did nothing to rescue. The reason is Indonesia government has no sufficient facility and place for orangutans to stay for a while. Further, the Ministry of Forestry has given the permission for some Animals Rescue Centers in Kalimantan to be a shelter and a rehabilitation centre for orangutans.

On behalf of Gundul and her friends who are suffering right now, we need you to ask a favor. We need you to ask to the Ministry of Forestry to rescue the orangutans as soon as possible and send them to the Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre instead of to the Zoo.

As one of protected animals in the world, the caged orangutans should have a second chance to be free as the wild orangutan. They should not spend their entire life in a suffering because they live in the cage at the zoo.

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  • Ministry of Forestry

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