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Minecraft for New Nintendo 3DS

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Before you leave, let me tell you something. Don't judge a book by it's cover and though this may seem like the same post by the same person. It is but in a different way. This is the proper explanation for Minecraft on New Nintendo 3DS, we will go over features first then how it will work and then what version it could be ported. Keep in mind that we are talking about the New 3DS, not the old one as it can not run Minecraft in any way.


First of all, the New 3DS version should have 3D in it as that would basically make Minecraft as immersive as it is in VR, It also would help in mining and building, also allowing players to quickly identify blocks and place them with more ease whereas in minigames, players would have a easier time knowing where one player is. It also will have Local Multiplayer and can be a part of the Better Together update, allowing one 3DS to play with another, Download Play may not work and there won't be enough space. The New 3DS version should not have Streetpass as it may end up taking more space and making it harder to implement, let alone work but SpotPass could be used for DLC. And it also may have smaller worlds then PS Vita, though this is frustrating to hear, it could benefit the New 3DS due to it's limitations despite being the best 3DS out there.


Circle Pad - Move

C-Stick - Look Around

L - Item change left

ZL - Mine

ZR - Place

R - Item change right

X - Jump

B - Drop

A - Crafting

Y - Open Notifications

D'Pad Left - Open Chat

D'Pad Right - Sprint

D'Pad Up - Sneak

D'Pad Down - Toggle Perspective

Start - Pause

Select - Player List / Settings


Minecraft on New 3DS has to be a port of the Pocket Edition, it doesn't matter which version, providing that it is a version the New 3DS can run, it also needs to cut back some features the PE versions have so that the game can run smoothly and is able to at least run on the New 3DS, considering that the console has 256 MB Main Memory and 10MB VRAM along with a ARM11 CPU (which did get a boost here on the New 3DS, considering the fact that Minecraft should be able to run on 3 cores).

Minecraft on New 3DS also must have some features cut off in order for it to run such as Infinite Worlds, some Superflat world presets and a low render distance to name a few, The Better Together update also may not be able to run on 3DS hardware at all, considering the strenght of the console and how the Better Together ("Unified") Minecraft Update works.


 Will it be able to work or not does not depend on just words, Mojang can try testing a specific version of Pocket Edition optimized for 3DS and see if it works. If not then the New 3DS can't run Minecraft but if yes, then it can. Some people also say the New 3DS's C-stick is not preferable for games like Minecraft and I understand since in FPS games, it can get pretty hard to use and slippery but it's the second joystick and as such is needed for games like Minecraft, the New 3DS also has huge open world games like Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. It doesn't really make sense when you see this issue from another perspective. If the 3DS can run Minecraft, then why doesn't the 3DS have it? Shouldn't Minecraft be tested to see if it works? Also, I know that the 3DS is a dying platform but games are still coming out for it, in 2018. We have Radiant Historia, Shin Megami Tensei and Etrian Odyssey coming out for the system. But if Minecraft were to come to 3DS, many people would buy it and it would be a great addition to other versions like the Switch and Wii U versions.


Because I've always wanted Minecraft on the New Nintendo 3DS, It's great that the game is on Nintendo Switch and Wii U but not many people have access to those systems compared to New 3DS. Not to forget that Minecraft would look amazing in 3D and would play perfectly with the New 3DS's controls! So many people would have access to Minecraft on 3DS, even more then the other portable version: The PS Vita version. And before you disagree, just remember. Minecraft worked on the PS Vita and even Mojang said that the 3DS can run Minecraft but it has to be the Pocket Edition, so why haven't they done it? If it can run Minecraft then the 3DS needs to have Minecraft, so come on! Let's convince Microsoft and Nintendo to release Minecraft for 3DS!



Information from "How will it work comes from:


If you agree with me, then please help bring Minecraft to 3DS and let this be known. Mojang itself is open to Minecraft on 3DS so if it's possible, why not strike when the iron's hot?

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