Compensate Residents for and Resolve Ongoing CPSV WiFi Issues

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The purpose of this petition is to rectify and receive compensation for the consistent issues and poor speeds of the University of Auckland (“UoA”), Carlaw Park Student Village (“CPSV”) WiFi.


CPSV’s network is connected to the university via a microwave uplink, which causes the WiFi to have serious connectivity issues and become unusable whenever it rains.

CPSV also suffers from massive swings in WiFi download speeds on a general basis, with a majority of the speeds being subpar. It is almost impossible to watch lectures and other video content, because they either take hours to buffer or you have to wait over 10 hours to download them.

Internet access is an integral need of all university students, the UoA flatting handbook describes it as a “necessity”. It is used for watching lectures, accessing Canvas, and submitting assignments. Furthermore, it is a core consideration of student's when making accommodation decisions. One of the key selling points of Carlaw Park is that the accommodation fees consolidate rent and utilities into a single amount. It is both a fundamental assumption, and a contractual obligation, that these utilities are provided.

Basis of the Complaint:

CPSV and UoA have been receiving WiFi complaints since 2016 and despite CPSV management continuously acknowledging and asserting that the issues are being resolved, they persist. These issues have caused many residents to resort to purchasing mobile data as they cannot rely on the WiFi provided by the University.

UoA knew about these issues but they chose not to disclose them in both promotional materials and in the residential agreement. They guaranteed (through the residential agreement) access to the “UoA Wireless Network” in the knowledge that the “UoA Wireless Network” at CPSV is both faulty on a general level, and unusable when it rains.


Because we are students who rely on the provided WiFi to complete graded tasks relating to our degrees, we need to have reliable internet consistent with our contracts with UoA. We request that:

1. University departments work together, as opposed to separately, and communicate continuously about major problems such as lack of WiFi at a university residence.

2. UoA compensate CPSV residents for the time and monetary damages caused by the ongoing WiFi problems, at a rate of $8 per week, per resident, for the amount of time they have been a resident at CPSV from the start of their 2018 contract and until the issues are resolved. This amount reflects the valuation placed by the UoA “Living in Auckland” student guide on internet access as a “necessity”, and aligns with the cost of mobile data required to fill the gap where contractually agreed internet utilities have not been provided. This compensation also acts as a deterrent from repeating the misleading conduct outlined in the body of the petition.

3. UoA fix the CPSV WiFi issues immediately to save future CPSV residents from worrying about internet access among stressful academic workloads and to save UoA from paying further compensation.

We expect a response from UoA by 6 June 2018, 23 days from the date UoA was notified of the petition.