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MGA Entertainment: Please let Novi Stars stay alive!

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MGAE's coolest doll line called "Novi Stars" is going to be discontinued this year!
(Update: They're not discontinued, but "on hold")

According to an e-mail, sent from BratzHeaven (a fansite about Bratz doll line) to MGAE, which can be found here, no more Novi Stars will be produced this year. A few days later, Bratz Boulevard (another fansite about MGAE Products) also contacted MGAE via e-mail and asked them if the rumours were true.


Novi Stars were unveiled at the Christmas in July event of 2012 and have been released in August 2012. They were released in several countries and became heavy popular. Over 16.000 people (atleast on Facebook) love Novi Stars.

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---------------------------- Updates (8/20/13):
Bratz Boulevard: “What on Earth is Going On” with Novi Stars!
Bratz Boulevard: Novi Stars update!
Novi Stars (Facebook): Statement from Alie Lectric

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