Marriage Equality Petition Project by MR GAY JAPAN


Marriage Equality Petition Project by MR GAY JAPAN

発信者:MR GAY JAPAN 宛先:japanese government


We ask you to sign the petition for the legalization of same-sex marriage in Japan so that the LGBTQ+ people are treated equally and protected by law.

Today, marriages between same-sex couples are not legally recognized in Japan.

This means that not all people in Japan are given equal rights and legal protection.

Despite the recognition of heterosexual marriage, the Japanese government continues to fail to recognize same-sex marriage.

There are so many challenges we face because of this discrimination.

No access to housing security:

Landlords often reject same-sex couples for discriminatory reasons.

Since the union is not recognized legally, the Japanese government continuously allow housing discrimination upon the LGBTQ+ community.

No access to medical rights for partners:

In urgent situations such as emergency surgery, many instances require individuals to make medical decisions for their partners who cannot do so for themselves.

Married couples can legally make those decisions for each other.

However, since same-sex marriage is not legal in Japan, such couples often cannot make these decisions for their partners.   

No access to visa application:

When a Japanese national marries a partner of the same sex in a country where same-sex marriage is legal, the Japanese government does not recognize the union as official. 

However, when a same-sex couple of non-Japanese nationalities formalizes their marriage in a country where same-sex marriage is legal and chooses to live in Japan, they are eligible for the Designated Activities visa to live and work in Japan as a married couple.  

On the other hand, if one of the spouses is of Japanese nationality, the non-Japanese partner in a same-sex marriage is not eligible for the Designated Activities visa because same-sex marriage is not legal in Japan.

No access to legal guardianship rights:

When raising a child of a same-sex partner, the non-biological parent does not have access to the legal guardianship.

This reality often leads to many complications and inconveniences in raising a child in a same-sex household, including circumstances such as when the birth parent dies, the other parent who is not biologically related to the child is disregarded as a stranger, and given no legal guardianship rights. 

Many may reject our vocal resistance to the inequality and oppression imposed upon our community.

However, we are not asking for special treatment. We want equality.

We want as many people as possible to amplify our voices for equality so that we can get more attention and take a step toward progress. 

MR GAY JAPAN advocates same-sex marriage along with the groups and organizations working tirelessly for our justice.

We will expand our support and submit a letter of demand to the Japanese government.

Please join us and help us love who we love and make marriage our choice, too.  

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