Stop Instagram Shadowbanning Artists and disabling Instagram Accounts

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For the last couple of days the Pole Dance community noticed a rapid decrease of visibility but worse random accounts were disabled for no apparent reason and for reasons they "can't" share.-

Apparently, that has to do with this act: FOSTA Bill Targeting Online Sex Trafficking

We are all for making Instagram and the online World a safer place. But this should not be done through Robots that check hashtags (which is invented by Instagram and now we shouldn't use it????) and Robots that check how much skin is showing? Really?! So not only can fashion models or bathing suit models or any other dancer show skin anymore?

If you want to do it right, then create some more jobs and employ people that go and look online for the real issues. Child pornography, violence, racism... the REAL sex traffic that is forced upon people. 

Instagram might ruin with this action people that make a living out of Pole Dance and other Arial Arts, heck any other Artist. It does not make sense to first promote Instagram for business and then take it away. Please get yourself informed and sign this petition. Share it and hopefully we will create some waves in our community