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Makoyana as next Muse album cover artist

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I am Ekaterina Zvarichenko, a Russian digital artist from the city of Ekaterinburg, better known on the Internet as Makoyana. 

Throughout my life I wanted to visualize things I would like to see but cannot see in real world. That is the reason I became an artist. In my art I love creating new universes or revealing subtle features of reality which are always around but not for the eye to meet. My main sources of inspiration include space and science, dreams and desires, children’s joy and teenage angst, as well as books, movies and numerous other artists.

One more thing that makes me create more pictures is music. Many of my artworks were inspired by favourite songs performed by bands I love to listen. This list includes The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Imagine Dragons and many others.

There is a particular band that is especially important to me, and it is Muse. Long story short, they made me who I am now. They inspired me to draw the works which I consider the best I have ever made. Moreover, they helped me to find new friends and good company of people who appreciate my art. I grew known among Tumblr users, mainly as an author of sets of Muse album illustrations, with my personal touch upon Muse songs. I received numerous feedback for my illustrations from Musers from all over the world, including Russia, Ukraine, England, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway and both American continents, and it still feels unusual but joyful to me that so many people enjoyed them. I always thank them all for their words, because their support gives me energy and encouragement to become a better artist.

Apart from that, Muse inspired me to draw other illustrations, neatly or loosely inspired by their lyrics, music, live shows, interviews and some random facts.

Now, my biggest dream is to work for Muse as their next cover artist, be that an album or a single. After years of being just a fan who took part in numerous fan activities, I would like to make an effort to give official contribution to the band that changed me into the person I am. I am ready to do my best if my dream is destined to come true.

Supported by all the precious people who enjoy my art, I DO hope that one day I will become an official Muse artist <3 

My art links: Tumblr art blog, Behance, DA Portfolio, Virink

Yours sincerely, Makoyana.

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