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The new decade has greeted us with so many changes and adjustments to what used to be 'the norm'. The matter of race is no exception. We are now witnessing worldwide responses to inequalities faced by people of colour.

I am a child of the 80s, born in the UK to Black Caribbean parents. My maternal grandparents came to the UK as part of the Windrush generation from Jamaica in the 1960s. Despite the well documented racism they faced alongside thousands of others alike, this did not deter my grandparents from contributing to the development of the UK, through work.

In the face of adversity, the Windrush Generation boldly embraced the few positive elements of life in the UK at the time; by making the best use of the limited opportunities afforded to them. They integrated within British culture as best possible, whilst still maintaining their African-Caribbean cultural heritage. They proudly raised their families in the UK and they considered the UK as home, even though racism was rife.

After what the Windrush Generation has and continues to endure, it is time our country honours and celebrates their contributions, by making ‘Windrush Day’ an official Bank Holiday in the UK. Please sign my petition if you agree.

Today, whilst we still live in a society that marginalises people of colour greatly, we have a golden opportunity to draw upon the sheer tenacity of the Windrush generation. We must use this, to bring about positive changes on a national scale in the UK.

Patrick Vernon OBE campaigned for the introduction of Windrush Day in 2018 to recognise migrant contributions. It is celebrated on 22nd of June every year - but it is not an official Bank Holiday. So let’s make it one! Marking Windrush Day as a Bank Holiday day will:

  • Give the Windrush Generation national recognition for their contributions to the UK, and acknowledge that they made this nation what it is today
  • Enable future generations to understand the significance of the Windrush Generation, as part of British History
  • Contribute to a more united UK, as we celebrate Windrush Day as a National Bank Holiday together

Many before us have worked relentlessly in support of the Windrush Generation. More recently David Lammy (MP) has tirelessly fought in defence of the Windrush Generation, in relation to the barbaric way we were treated by the Home Office, in the shameful scandal of 2018. He continues to passionately advocate on our behalf by asserting our rights. 

However, there is still so much that our Government needs to do, by way of apology and repairing the relationship with the Windrush Generation.

Now is the time the Government must acknowledge the substantial role the Windrush Generation has played in British History, by giving our country a Bank Holiday in their honour. 

Be a part of the change. Let’s make this happen!

In Love and Peace x