Make Canada Goose Fur-free

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A wise man once said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” That wise man, Martin Luther King, refused to back down to the oppressors of his race, just as I refuse to back down to the oppressors of the voiceless, of the significant yet considered insignificant ones.

Why should an animal die to produce a dastardly and expensive coat?

Abuse. Murder. Powerful words that unfortunately define the fur industry.

Is there a humane and ethical way to kill an animal that wants to live, simply for a needless fashion?

Ethics. We all have defined and divergent concepts of this word, but we do not really know our true view of this principle until we are put to the test. Once you get out of the society’s cave, there is no way back in. People prefer to see the perfect shadows on the wall, but the truth is always worth knowing when by doing so deaths are prevented. And so, the truth is that fur fashion is a completely disposable form of exercising cruelty such as trapping and painfully killing coyotes, for small fur trims brands like Canada Goose profit from torturing sentient beings. All of this can be avoided, and new fashions can be introduced in its stead.

‘Faux fur’, also known as fake fur, is a growing trend, and may soon replace real fur. But, according to a research done by Sky News, a lot of faux fur has real animals in them. Although this may be true, a brand called ECOPEL makes actual fake fur through recycled plastic, and its growing by the week, supplying at the moment more than 300 relevant companies that have gone ‘real fur’ free. Some people say wearing fake fur wil advocate the fur industry. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with a fur industry based on truly fake fur, and as time passes we slowly transition from real fur to fake fur and then to no fur at all.

"The tides are clearly turning,” wrote NY times fashion policy manager PJ Smith. In an article from The Guardian, another fashion writer described the faux fur coat as the perfect clothing apparel for obtaining a balance between having style and being snug.

Through purchasing from fur free brands, such as Patagonia, Burberry, Noize, and others you are not only acquiring comfortable clothes, but you are also helping improve the lives of billions of animals that are abused and killed annually for their fur. Through purchasing fur free products you are contributing to a movement against an unnecessary and despicable industry that needs to be terminated immediately. Our human race believes that what differentiates us from animals is our intellect, yet does murdering and oppressing other beings for unnecessary means seem reasonable to you? Others have compared our race to the Phoenix, who always rises again from the ashes yet never learns from his past mistakes. Prove to the world that we are not like that mythological creature, and help put an end to this oppression that occurs every century with a different group of beings.          Once again, there is no excuse for wearing fur in 2019. It is all up to you now, but remember: silence is the triumph of injustice. And if you are pondering whether you would make a difference to this movement, the answer is that yes; each person counts. It’s a small step in the right direction. But now that you know, what will you do?

Os animais estavam na terra bem antes da gente. Então, nós estamos invadindo o território deles. Nós não temos o direito de achar que a nossa vida importa mais do que a vida deles. Além do mais, não existe uma forma humanitária de matar desnecessariamente um ser consciente que quer viver, meramente pela estilo de roupa. Coiotes, raposas, vison e outros animais são cruelmente torturados, mortos e esfolados, apenas para o uso de um suplemento desnecessário nos casacos de marcas como Canada Goose. Hoje em dia há vários estilos de roupas na moda que não utilizem o pelo de animais, então não há desculpa para as marcas que continuam aplicando esses acessórios cruéis e desnecessários nas suas coleções de roupas. Então, vamos lutar pela vida dos animais inocentes que apenas querem viver bem como nós, e vamos banir o pelo da indústria da moda!