Free Ruki Fernando and Fr.Praveen

Petisi ini membuat perubahan dengan 78 pendukung!

Tonight I recieved one email about my friend Ruki Fernando who arrested in Kilinochchi and Detained in Vavuniya to be Brought to Colombo For Further Interrogation under PTA by TID Police. I know him personally. He is my friend in Asian Youth Academic (one of catholic youth training). He is human right defender and has worked for years for justice for victims of war in Sri Lanka.

Please give your solidarity by sign this petition. Now, Ruki fernando and Fr.Praveen, tommorow we dont know who will be arrested.  

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Hari ini: Kristina mengandalkanmu

Kristina Viri membutuhkan bantuanmu untuk mengajukan petisi "Mahinda Rajapakse (The President of Sri Lanka): Free Ruki Fernando and Fr.Praveen". Bergabunglah dengan Kristina dan 77 pendukung lainnya hari ini.