Recognition of Republic of Kosovo on PUBG Mobile

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We demand recognition of Republic of Kosovo on PUBG Mobile

Kosovo is a democratic country who has gained the independence in 2008. Already recognized by 116 countries. Amongst them are United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Turkey, Australia, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, and Canada. Recently Kosovo have been recognized by the well-known company Apple & iTunes. As we all know the Mobile gaming has increased dramatically in the past couple years. PUBG Mobile is a mobile game who is extremely active by Kosovo citizens, who are currently using the Albanian flag. There are teams from Kosovo who made it all the way to Regional FINALS on PUBG Mobile Club Open. Kosovo also participated on other international competition like: PMCO, PMSC & PMPL. Currently Kosovo is one of the very few countries with two teams that have secured a spot on PMCO Fall Split 2020 that will take place this September, yet unable to represent their nationality.

We request actions on this matter!
CEO and Co-Founder of PAM
Ernor Delijaj & Korab Haziri