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Chicago City Council: Vote "NO" to Anti-India Anti-Human Rights Resolution R2020-583(Updated)

jini shans
Chicago, IL, United States

Feb 16, 2021 — 

The Indian community of the United States would like the Chicago City Council to vote "NO" to Council resolution R2020-583, Titled "CHICAGO RESOLUTION HONORING INDIA'S REPUBLIC AND DEMOCRACY." The sponsors purposefully got the deceptive title to trick the community members. The Chicago Anti-India resolution has been updated(find the latest content below) last minute and got passed by the health and human relations committee on 11th February 2021. The meeting will be uploaded for the public - If you listen to the forum, eight of the public comments were to get resolution #R2020-583 passed, and no opportunity was provided to listen to the perspective from the other end. The Alderwomen who have introduced R2020-583 have suppressed the truth's voice by not giving a chance to hear them. She covertly got her agenda passed without any Due diligence. These meetings' public comments have been hijacked, and no opportunity is provided to listen to the right side. With extensive fight a day before the meeting, an individual was given a chance to present facts, but it was too late to educate the committee members of the facts and truth. The Anti-India resolution will be presented in the Chicago city council meeting on 24th February 2021. "The Anti-India" resolution has got a lot of traction and support from these respective organizations, primarily operated in the Chicago area. The city government has become a target of the vested interested group with these Aldermen/Alderwomen are found to be hand in glove with their malicious agenda.

Indo-American Dem Organization
Chicago South Asians for Justice
IMAN—Chicago + ATL
CAIR Chicago
NLC Chicago
Sikh Religious Society to Chicago
Justice For All
Chicago Desi Youth Rising (CDYR)
Illinois Muslim Civic Coalition (The Coalition)
Trikone Chicago
Sadhana: Coalition of Progressive Hindus
Rohingya Cultural Center Chicago
Sikh Seva Foundation of Chicago
Amnesty International USA


This resolution creates confusion and divide between the south Asian American society, which could increase hate crimes against Indian American humanity. India is a secular country; all religions are accepted in India. To condemn the Indian government and label its vastly peaceful and loving population of Indians as agitators would be credulous. More than 28000 persecuted religious minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh fled to India and hoping to get fast-track citizenship in India through CAA. How can this be Anti-Human-Rights?

On a tangent, they have sidelined India's progress and its government's achievements. The Indian government has provided Covid-19 vaccines to various countries like Dominica, Afghanistan, Brazil, etc. Mexico will be receiving it soon. Is that not an excellent gesture of humankind? India is a multi-party democracy and has more than 2000 political parties registered in India's election commission, and no country has such diversity.

Concerning the ongoing propaganda against farmer's bill to defame the Indian government further - President Joe Biden's office spoke in favor of the farmer's bill - The statement had also acknowledged that Washington had always advocated for agriculture reforms. To reiterate, people from all parts of the world, irrespective of their religion, faith, caste, race, gender, belief, etc., can still apply for Indian citizenship. It is essential to note that CAA has nothing to do with Indian citizenship irrespective of their religions; it does not take away citizenship. India has been and continues to be an inclusive country and does not discriminate against its citizens. India has helped several civilizations facing persecution. It has/is/will made/make every community feel at home; a country that treats all its citizens equally and fairly regardless of their faith is currently battling to protect its name and people from the negative portrayal by groups with vested interests.

I Urge the local Chicago business owners, residents, and people worldwide to condemn the Chicago City Council's acts. Request the committee members to vote "NO" against this resolution.



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