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LG to make an update for 2016 UHD OLED TVs for Hybrid Log Gamma & Technicolor HDR support

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LG has been boasting about how its 2016 UHD OLED TVs support the widest range of HDR content, namely Dolby Vision and HDR10, but now there are new standards that potentially don't need hardware modifications to be supported. This has come as a little bit of a shock to those of us who bought what we thought was a forward looking and future proof TV from LG's 2016 UHD OLED range.

LG announces newest TVs support widest range of HDR

Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) and HDR by Technicolor are both standards that their creators say are ways of embedding HDR data into the same streams (broadcast or otherwise) as SDR content to save bandwidth. Unlike Dolby Vision, neither require additional hardware and are royalty free.

BBC HDR Hybrid Log Gamma

Technicolor HDR

LG has demonstrated its support for HLG at the 2016 IFA conference, along with High Frame Rate (HFR) broadcasts as well, using DVBT2 tuners in adapted 2016 UHD OLED B6 and E6 models on display.

LG demos B6 & E6 with HLG & HFR at IFA 2016

After the impressive work LG did for the community in implementing HDR Game Mode across its 2016 UHD OLED range and incorporating more into their 2017 range. We're asking them to do everything in their power to not let down their 2016 ambassadors. We're asking them if there is anyway of implementing HLG and HDR by Technicolor, maybe even HFR to those of us who thought we were buying into the LG UHD OLED HDR future. Who convinced our significant others that a £3k UHD HDR OLED by LG was better than a £1.5k quantum dot by Samsung. Who impressed our mates with UHD HDR gaming on a PS4 Pro using 2016 LG UHD OLED instead of a Sony Bravia.

Thank you for your time. petition for LG 2016 HDR Game Mode

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